Questions?  Comments?  Need advice about your love life?  Gimme a holler!  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hey there,

    Was trying to subscribe to your blog with the mailchimp thing but the damn thing keeps refusing to let me :( Could you have a peek at that?



  2. So enjoyed your photos creations and commentary on MMM. And now I have your blog to enjoy.
    I am coming over to New York in 10 days. All the way from NZ. My first ever trip there. Sooo excited about going to Mood. Should I be getting excited about other fabric stores too?
    I shall be a definite tourist but my man knows that fabric shopping is a definite.
    What would be your advice to 1st time NYC fabric shopper. (Staying near Times Square.). I shall be bringing an empty suitcase. :)


  3. Ginger, are you from Michigan? I live in Charlevoix, the top of the ring finger (mitten) on Lake Michigan. Where does your Dad live?


  4. Hey! Thanks for inspiring me to finally make the Sorbetto Tank! I made it from a vintage sheet and it turned out splendid! I would have given you props on instagram, but I don’t think you have one. Regardless, if you want to see it, look for seagyrl on instagram. :)


  5. I finished my Gingers!!! I thought you’d like to know. ;) Believe it or not I can’t wait to make more! I’ll do some other stuff in between & hopefully I’ll be MUCH faster on the next go round!


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