Gotta Make It: Casey’s 20’s-Inspired Chemise

Mabel sports her new undies

I’ve been avidly following Free Pattern Month over at Grosgrain, and today’s addition is a sweet little number from Casey Brown of Casey’s Elegant Musings.  It’s a silky square-cut chemise with pintucks and lace details, and I must. have. one. in. my. life.  I’m a sucker for any kind of vintage lingerie, but I’m particularly enamored with the long, lean, yet feminine, lines of 20’s-style ladywear.  I really want to give this pattern a whirl, but I’m a bit unnerved by the thought of using such a lightweight and slippery material.  Also, I’m not sure if I can sew in straight enough lines to make the pintucks neatly!  What do you think?  Should I give it a try?

2 responses

  1. yes! you should totally do it, what’s the worst that could happen? rapture? apparently, we’re overdue, so give it a whirl. you are right though, slippery fabrics are a bear, especially the first few go rounds. if you are really concerned, try it in a light weight cotton first, and unbleached muslin with cotton lace looks super pretty and simple (and will run you about 3 bucks for supplies and the cotton will keep you cool in the summer unlike satin which is akin to sausage casing). also, try a quick hand baste for the pin tucks before you machine stitch until you get used to them. have fun!


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