Gotta Make It: The Dude

I love this.  I LOVE this.  It combines three of my favorite things: knitting, The Big Lebowski, and goofy clothing.  If there was only a way to somehow include donkeys in the mix, I wouldn’t need anything else in my life.

Andrea Rangel's pattern, "The Dude"

Andrea Rangel worked out the pattern and is offering it for free on her blog, Fiber Arts, if you need a Dude (or Lady Dude) in your life, too.  I’m on the fence about making this myself, as I doubt that Man Friend would wear a sweater this warm and it’s a bit bulky for me, but if I can think of a worthy recipient, I’d love to give this a whirl.  I also love that’s it’s made with Cascade Eco Wool– it’s the perfect weight and feel for almost every project, and it’s a bargain to boot!

The Dude, the myth, the sweater

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