Ginger Sewalong #1: Fabric Picks!

I’m OVERWHELMED with excitement– the Beginner’s First Ginger Sewalong over at A Fashionable Stitch is upon us!  This rainy, dark, and generally horrible day in NYC turned to sunshine and lemon drops once I entered the hallowed halls of Mood Fabric for the first time in my life.  It’s… amazing.  Organized!  Clean!  Jam-packed with bolt after bolt of beautiful fabric!  I was immediately drawn to this cotton twill for my skirt:

Cotton twill from Mood Fabrics in my favorite color, robin's egg blue!

It’s a lovely shade of deep robin’s egg blue (please pardon the crummy photo– it’s been dark, dreary, and impossible to take good pictures for days!) and is a nice sturdy weave.  I’m a little worried about the weight of the fabric.  I’m not sure if it is a mediumweight or if it’s heavier.  I think it will hang nicely, but I forgot in the throes of passion at Mood that my chintzy sewing machine can barely get through more than two layers of lightweight cotton.  I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t have any issues sewing with this fabric.

Then THIS happened.  I REALLY wanted a pink skirt when I first saw the Ginger pattern, although a cotton candy-colored A-line skirt will probably make me look like a schoolgirl.  But since this lighter-weight cotton twill was on a closeout special, I couldn’t resist.  I’m planning to whip up a second skirt in this pink with white piping accents after I finish up the first one.  I think it will be challenging enough to make the skirt the first time around without fiddling around with piping or other fussy details.  But I can’t wait to start working on this version, too!

Fabric pick for Skirt Numero Dos!

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