Ginger Made: Twenty Ten Cardigan

This sweater makes me so happy!  It was tons ‘o’ fun to make, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it A LOT.  In case you didn’t know it already, Veera Välimäki is a genius.  Her designs are always modern, chic, wearable, and a pleasure to construct!  The Twenty Ten Cardigan is no exception.  It’s constructed bottom-up in moss stitch with a diagonal button band and a little pocket.

The Twenty Ten Cardigan. I’m only one year late!

This came together like a dream!  The shoulder fronts and backs are worked separately and joined using a three-needle bindoff.  So easy!  I really liked working the sleeves with short rows– they’re perfectly shaped and look very neat and tidy.  I started knitting a size small, but it seemed like it was going to be tight, and that thing where your buttons gap cause your shirt’s a bit too small is one of my pet peeves.  The easy solution was to increase four stitches two times under the chest, so it’s a medium on top and a small on the bottom.  This fits perfectly… I guess I’m a size smedium!  Increasing on top also lessened the sweater’s A-line shape, so I’m really happy about that (trapeze tops don’t usually flatter my figure).

Swirly buttons!

I finished this up a couple of days ago, but the buttons didn’t arrive until yesterday.  These are vintage buttons from Lillian Olive‘s Etsy shop– she’s my go-to girl for buttons!

Maybe Doug needs a matching sweater!

In other news, I currently have a visitor from outer space!  Doug the Pug is hanging out with us while his family takes a beach vacation.  Don’t feel bad– it’s probably for the best that Doug doesn’t go to the beach.  He might be mistaken for a walrus, and all kinds of mayhem could break loose!

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  1. Wow – this sweater is so sweet! I may have to get the pattern from ravelry right away and put it on my knitting to do list for fall. By the way, I like your blog and can’t wait to see your finished gingers (I’m not a stalker … I’m also doing the ginger sewalong and you left a comment on my blog this morning so I hopped on over here to chek yours out). Happy sewing and knitting to you!



    • Thanks so much!! I highly recommend it– the pattern comes together like magic! Reading through it a few times, I was a bit confused about how it would work, but as I knit along, I was pleasantly surprised by how ingenious the design is! What’s your Ravelry username? I’d love to check out your projects! So psyched for this Ginger sewalong! I’m still working on my muslin cause I’m s l o w, but yours was super inspirational!


      • I must confess that while I started a Ravelry account over a year ago I have not posted a single thing! But stayed tuned because it will be forthcoming. For ages I stubbornly refused to participate in online forums but find that the crafty on-line community is so much fun (especially because none of my real life friends sew or knit). The Ginger Sewalong inspired me to start my own blog in early May and I’m so glad I did! I’m looking forward to seeing your finished Gingers … keep us posted.


  2. Wow, what a cute sweater! I love the diagonal line!
    Also, welcome to the Summer Essential Sew-along 2011! I’m looking forward to seeing what items you come up with. 🙂


    • Girl, you can do it! It’s all about the Youtube– find a beginner pattern on Ravelry, and every time you get stumped by a new technique, you can find a video tutorial on Youtube!


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