2nd Annual Summer Essentials Sew-Along

So, even though I’m knee-deep in Ginger Mania, I’m already thinking ahead to the next project(s), and, just in the nick of time, I stumbled across the 2nd Annual Summer Essentials Sew-Along!  It’s a three-way party hosted by Ali of The Wardrobe Reimagined, Alessa of Farbenfreude, and Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones, and the goal is, in Ali’s words, “to stock your closet with quality summer basics”.  Participants will sew five or so summery pieces between June 1st and August-ish that may or may not fall into the following categories:

1.) Poolside Pretties (swimsuits, cover-ups, etc.)

2.) Clam Diggers & Co. (shorts, capris, etc.)

3.) Sweet & Sassy Skirts

4.) The Sundress

5.) Tees, Tunics & Blouses

6.) Those Summer Nights (pullovers, hoodies, cardigans, etc.)

The sewalong launches June 1st, which is perfect, since our big Ginger skirt reveal is June 2nd and we’ll all be anxiously looking forward to new projects!  I’m really excited about this and now my head is spinning with ideas!  Who else is in??

4 responses

  1. Just wanted to chime in and thank you for the comment you made on my skirt 🙂

    I’m pondering over joining the Summer Essentials Sew-Along, I’ve got a rough plan of what I want to make in my head, I’m just not sure if I will be up to it. I want to incorporate at least two tops, but I’ve never made one and I don’t know whether my sewing skills are advanced enough. I think I’m gonna take the plunge, though!

    Have fun sewing your Ginger skirt, I can’t wait to see it!


    • Ooh, you should do it! I’m a complete newbie to sewing myself, so I’m excited to work through projects alongside other people. It will definitely keep me motivated to keep going when a project gets tough– I made my Ginger muslin up to putting in the zipper and I stared at it for three days ’cause I was so intimidated! But it’s been so helpful to know that there are other people doing it with me and that if they can put in a zipper, I can too! Oh, and I read over the invisible zipper tutorial for, oh, about 9 hours! 🙂 I think I’m going to try either the Violet or the Sencha. They’re both marked “beginner”, so that seems doable, although I’ll have to conquer a new fear– buttonholes! Do it!


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