Ginger Sewalong #3: Baby’s First Skirt!

Hello, friends!  Today I’m feeling exhilarated, giddy, and triumphant (and not just because I stayed up ’til 1:00am hand stitching my skirt hem) because today is the Ginger Party!  I can’t thank Sunni enough for hosting the sewalong– if you’re new to sewing or just a wee bit timid, even you will be empowered to make this skirt with the assistance of her excellent tutorials!  It was soooo pleasant to work on a pattern alongside a kind and supportive online community.

I really enjoyed this project!  I got to try my hand at flat pattern alteration– my hips are one size smaller than my waist, so I cut out the waist in the correct size and graded the skirt pieces down to the smaller size.

Ack, windy day = bad hair day!

I didn’t have to take in the waistband at all.  Once I had the zipper properly installed, the fit was snug enough that I didn’t need to do anything else with it (also, it didn’t hurt that the fabric was much thicker than the muslin… I didn’t really realize that I should have made my muslin with fabric similar to the final project… whoops!).

I'm moody. Sometimes I look down.

Similarly, I didn’t have to take off any length for my skirt to hit above the knee.  Once the waist fit properly, the whole shebang just seemed right!

Sometimes when I'm really feeling moody, I stare at walls.

Can we talk for a minute about hand-sewn hems?  Is this something that everyone does?  Do you guys do it every time?  Cause, seriously, it was TEDIOUS.  Trying to shove the needle through double layers of thick twill was unpleasant, and the whole thing took f o r e v e r (granted, that may have been because I started at 11:00pm, but it took me more than two hours!).

How do you stand so you don't have crazy legs in photos? Teach me, please!

I can’t say it enough, but THANK YOU to Sunni and the other participants– what a great few weeks it’s been!  I’m still working away on my pink Ginger, so hopefully I’ll unveil that soon!

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    • Sunni’s tutorial is really easy to understand, so I bet you’ll have an easy time making the adjustments. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your finished skirt!


  1. Absolutely lovely! As for hand hemming, I’m not a fan but sometimes it’s well worth it, especially with delicate fabrics. For mine I simply topstitched on the sewing machine but could get away witht his because mien was denim. Finally, I can’t help with the funny legs on photos problem (ahem… have you seen mine? totally ridiculous poses!) although I don’t think your legs look funny. Sunni’s photos always turn out so nice so maybe we can learn from her 🙂 Way to go with the finished Ginger Skirt – really nice.


    • I really should have just machine hemmed mine since my fabric is as heavy as denim. That’s a good point– I bet it would be totally worth it if I was working with silk or something lighter weight. Sunni’s photos are always so cute! Teach us your ways, girl!! Ah well– guess I’m stuck with crazy legs for now!


  2. This really turned out great!

    I try to avoid hand stitching as much as possible, to be honest. I get really frustrated when a project takes too much of my time, but lately I’ve been working on a skirt that needs a lot of slip stitching. I guess you can’t avoid having to sew by hand once in a while.


  3. Very cute ginger skirt! 🙂 I’ve never attempted a hand-sewn hem yet, but then again, most of my skirts and dresses have been cotton. Also, I’m lazy… 😉 I also never know what to do with my legs in photographing. But I think Patty had some tips on her blog a while ago…


  4. hehehe LOVING the moody Ginger !! 😉 You did an absolutely cracking job of nailing that skirt. I must work on mine over the weekend (any cold tea left at the Ginger T party ?). I cant wait to see your second version, and the finshed Sorbetto top !! Looking forward to seeing more soon, K xx


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