A Wee Update

Hi, friends!  I’m not dead!  I bet you were wondering…  It’s just that this week and next we’re filming the finale episode of the TV show that I work on and things have been coo-coo-crazy (18-hour work days– yikes!)!  I’m slowly but surely working on some things, though.  Ginger skirt #2 is waiting to be hemmed, and I’m struggling through alterations to the Sorbetto top.  Muslin #1 revealed that the bust darts hit too high and too far in, and that the tank is way too short.  I added two inches of length to the pattern, and drafted new bust darts in an attempt to lower them without significantly changing the pattern.  Muslin #2 is mysteriously lacking in ease (can this be explained by monkeying with the bust darts?), so I’m trying to figure out what went wrong.  I really don’t want to make a third muslin for what should be a pretty straightforward top!  But, I don’t want to cut into my fabric and ruin it when I could have simply made a third muslin.  Ah, the trials and misfortunes we all must bear!

What are you guys working on??

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  1. I actually made three muslins of the Sorbetto top. Something so simple needs to fit really well. (I’m still not completely happy with the fit in the back. There’s still some pooling going on there.)


    • OK, I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with fit issues! Yours fits really well, so I guess it will be worth it to keep slogging along with the boring fit stuff! 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to see your Sobetto top, and now I’ll definitely be making a muslin for mine. Perhaps you can check out posts from people who have posted photos on the Colette Patterns Flickr pool – maybe they have some insight into the mysterious darts/ease issue. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you to get a great fit!


  3. Hmm, if the Sorbetto is causing so much trouble maybe I’ll just skip it. I am a busty gal.

    Otherwise i have to shorten a chiffon evening dress for a client and then think about what I’m going to make for me. I’m running out of Me-Made options!


    • I’m thinking that much of this fitting problem could be due to my amateurish skill set! This is my first hand-sewn top, so I don’t feel like I have a great handle on what I’m doing. I’ve never even a dart before, so trying to figure out where they belong and how to move them around has been a learning process. You might have better luck with the project!

      How is working with chiffon? Seems like that could be a challenging material…


      • Chiffon IS challenging, especially when it is bias cut. It has to be marked on a mannequin or you end up with serious hemline issues.


  4. I am making the Sorbetto top too and also struggled with the fit. Alas, I didn’t make a muslin, foolishly thinking as it was such a simple pattern I wouldn’t have to – so I’ve been having to try and fix it on my actual fabric! I had problems with fabric pooling in the back, like Adelaide. I managed to rescue it by sewing a horizontal wedge across the back. I’ve got the bias binding left to do now and despite the problems can’t wait to wear it – it’s such a simple, pretty style.


  5. Hi Ginger, thanks for your comments on my blog! I only just saw both of them as for some reason they went in to my spam folder?! A bit of overzealous pruning by my plugin…


    • Hahahaha, no problem! I finally got my fit to work, so all I have left is to hem it. I was planning just to machine stitch the hem, but my fabric is pretty sheer and flimsy, so now I’m thinking that I’ll do a hand hem tonight after work.


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