Ginger Made: Cotton Candy Ginger Skirt

Here she is, at long last– Ginger #2!

I kinda feel like Ginger Rogers in these shoes!

I finished sewing her a while ago, but only finished up the hand-stitched hem last night (once again, a super slow process, but this time I couldn’t do a machine hem because I didn’t have enough thread left to wind a bobbin… I finished with about 18″ to spare!!).

Ginger #1 and Ginger #2 now totally have to compete for my love

The fabric is a brushed cotton twill with just a hint ‘o’ stretch (which I didn’t notice in my fabric store excitement… “OMGeezy, pink!!  A pink skirt!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!”).  I also didn’t notice that it was brushed twill at the store as the fuzzy side was tucked to the inside.  I’m not a huge fan of that texture, so I used it as the wrong side (I hate how the fuzzy side always seems to get little threads and things stuck to it– yuck!).

Pardon the bra straps! I'm a classless trollop!

I did the piping using Sunni’s tutorial, and it was a breeze!  I totally recommend this.  I used ready-made white piping, but I think I’m ready to make my own on the next project that calls for it.

Ain't she a sweetheart?

In bummer news, the waistband is a tiny bit too big!  I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that Ginger #1 was made with much thicker fabric, or if it’s due to my constantly-fluctuating weight (grrrrr), but either way it’s pretty annoying.  I don’t much want to tear out the whole waistband just to take it in a tad and then find out a few months and a few pounds later that it no longer fits, so I think I will probably let it be for the time being.  Also, thinking about the waistband too much kind of makes me want to tear it to shreds like a rabid badger, so maybe we should move on.  Shall we?

Standing just a little bit crooked...

Anybody else have a Ginger cooking?  I highly recommend this pattern– it’s easy, flattering, and really fun to make.  If you’re looking for more inspiration before starting yours, Lindsay just posted an adorable chambray version and Casey just made one in cowgirl-style denim.

19 responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the waistband on that view and the piping that you added really finishes it nicely. You may have convinced me to try another Ginger!


  2. Lovely! The piping goes great with the color of your skirt.

    I’ve been pondering over buying the pattern, but I’m afraid it won’t suit me. Should I make it I’d definitely take up the hem a bit, though. That’s how scandalous I am.


    • I think it would look great on you! It’s a really nice pattern– the way the waistband is constructed is really nice and I’ll definitely be using that trick for future drafting projects. Taking up the hem?! You sassy thing, you!! 😀


  3. As far as the waist goes, if the fabric has a little bit of stretch, that could also be a contributing factor to the slight big-ness of it. I’ve found that stretch fabric gets distorted so much more easily while stitching, especially on smaller pieces like waistbands.


    • Thank you so much!! I bet you would look cute in it– it’s a pretty flattering shape if you’re partial to skirts that sit on your true waist. I’m really enjoying your blog, btw!


      • Alas, that’s the trouble… I have true-waist issues! Some are legitimate and some are habit, so it’s a lot of trial and error, lol. So glad you commented, I’ve been out of town and reading here and there on my phone but I’m so excited to catch up on your blog!


        • Ooh, hmmm, then that’s tricky… I’m not used to wearing anything up that high, so it’s taken some getting used to. Your Crescent skirt fits so beautifully, though– that’s a perfect fit for you! I really like that style, but I don’t think it would look very good on me, sadly. Are you going to make the Lonsdale dress?


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