Rooibos Sewalong?!?!

What the what?!?!  Another fabulous sewalong in August???  Dare I do this?  Could I possibly accomplish two dresses (plus my dress for Gertie’s class) in one month?!?!  What do you think?  Anyone else doing this?

Rooibos Dress by Colette Patterns (click for photo source)

8 responses

  1. I’m going to sit this one out. I’ll be on vacation the second half of August (yay second honeymoon!), so my sewing time is really limited that month. But, I say go for it. It can’t hurt for you to try, right?! My guess is that the Lonsdale is going to be fun and straightforward, so you might be able to juggle them all… And, worst case, you end up with three dresses come September.


    • Oh my gosh, maybe I should try! If I can find something else to use for the Lonsdale, I would just use the blue sateen for the Rooibos and try to blast through both… hmmmmmm…


  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! That was what I did when I opened my reader this morning after a long weekend away from technology and saw Colette’s announcement. I screamed because the Roiboos has been on my “to do” list for a year but how, how, how will I manage two sew-alongs at once, how? I don’t want to drive myself crazy, and as I get older I also get wiser (or so I think) and this much I’ve learned: impossible deadlines drive me crazy, so I’ll have to choose between the two, but how to chose? If you go for both sew-alongs (plus your Gertie dress), you’re my hero!


    • I don’t know what to do! The Rooibos dress was the first pattern I really got excited about when I first started investigating sewing, and it’s much more my style than the Lonsdale, but I already have the Lonsdale pattern… but I’m just not too jazzed about using the fabric I bought for the Lonsdale, although I still really wanna make the dress. Dilemma! What are you going to do?


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