Dilemmas!! SOS!!!

OK, this isn’t nearly as dramatic as the title might lead you to believe, but I just had to stop fighting with bound buttonholes for a moment (more on that later) to agonize a bit over fabric decisions.

Guys, I’m still on the fence about the Lonsdale dress fabric!  I washed the blue sateen, and it seemed to lose some of its lustre and slipperiness.  So maybe it would be alright after all.  However, THIS happened:

Anna Maria Horner Coreopsis Sugar (click to buy!)

It was an accident, I promise!  I was walking past Brooklyn General while running an errand for work when I spotted a sign for their shocking 30% off storewide sale, and before I knew it, I had walked in and purchased this ah-MAY-zing fabric!  I also scored the Rooibos pattern for a cool 30% off… as well as the Macaron.  I know, I know, I had JUST promised Man Friend that I wouldn’t buy any more sew-y crap, but…

So now, dilemma!  I’m thinking that this pink print would look super cute as a Lonsdale dress!  I was all set to go with this until I started thinking about Gertie’s bombshell dress and how cute this would be for THAT dress!  But, realistically, the bombshell dress is a much sassier style and one that would be tougher for me to wear, so I’m thinking maybe I should just go ahead and make the coreopsis print into the Lonsdale dress.  Then, once I’m done with Sewalong Mania 2011, I can make a fancy bombshell dress in silk dupioni or something equally schmancy that I can wear to weddings and shindigs.  Thoughts?

Returning to the subject of bound buttonholes… I had my second class at the Sewing Studio with Gertie today, and I accomplished nothing!  I wanted to learn how to make bound buttonholes, and I basically spent two hours making practice versions and tearing them out when I screwed them up.  Yikes!  They really look nice when they’re done correctly, but I can’t quite seem to get the hang of it.

Exhibit A:

Sad buttonhole of death

The lips are too large for the buttonhole and they overlap.  Eww! Let’s take another look at that:

B. Buttonhole, you're a real mess!

I also figured out that the needle of my sewing machine is aligned incorrectly, so for example, a 5/8″ seam is about 1/8″ off.  I’m not sure if the needle position is adjustable or not as I can’t find my manual… it’s buried somewhere beneath the mountain of sewing detritus that’s accumulated in my living room over the last few weeks.  I think I’ll be taking a wee break from sewing and buttonholes this evening.  We could use a bit more space in our relationship.

In other news, my sister came up for an unplanned visit yesterday, so we decided to start a dress for her.  She picked out a red chambray-ish cotton from Mood for the Lisette Passport dress.  I spent the afternoon tracing the pattern and making fit alterations for her.  I don’t anticipate this project to go very quickly since I’ll need to mail a completed muslin to her and wait for any notes before proceeding with the fashion fabric.

How about you guys?  Whatcha workin’ on?  Everybody ready for the Lonsdale sewalong?  Most importantly, Happy Shark Week!

16 responses

  1. I’d use the fabric for the Lonsdale too, I don’t think it would look right with the bombshell dress, it’s got too much of a holiday feel to it, and the Lonsdale looks so nice and flowey that it would be a perfect dress to take with you on vacation.

    I’m working on my second Violet right now, hope to finish it this week 🙂


      • Oh, and I can’t wait to see Violet #2! Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never made a buttonhole before and I’m scared to try! I thought it might be easier to make bound buttonholes for some reason, don’t know why. I’m too chicken to try the Violet!


  2. For some reason a title for this post didn’t show up in my reader, but your introduction got me curious for one! I love the new fabric and think it would be perfect for the Lonsdale. But, I did love the blue of your last fabric. As for the bombshell dress, I also plan on making mine out of a silk dupoini. I found a beautiful yellow that I was dying to get, but I was already too much over budget, so I knew I would be waiting until at least the fall to make the dress from that fabric. Then, I found a blue silk dupoini in a remnants bin. I snapped it up along with a fun cotton (with dragons on it!) for the lining. Looks like I will be able to get to the bombshell dress in September!


    • For some strange reason my title seems to have disappeared! Thanks for the heads’ up! I’m really excited to see your bombshell dress– I’m sure it will look amazing in silk dupioni! And I can barely wait to see your maxi dress! It’s been so inspiring to me to see all the great work that you and so many other brave sewists do! You guys make it seem like anything is possible!


  3. You must use the AMH fabric for the Lonsdale – so summery and playful! Save the blue sateen for something else (I’m sure the perfect project for hat I just around the corner). Also, I like the idea of silk dupioni for the bombshell dress. And finally, those buttonholes sound ultra difficult to master – difficult things scare me so good for you for giving them a go! What have we been up to, you ask? Well, if you must know, I’ve been sewing my “paying it forward gifts”… keep your eyes peeled for a little something in the mail coming your way…


    • Eek, I’m so excited! I’ll be checking the mail like a crazy person! Have you decided on a fabric for the Rooibos dress yet? I’m sure it will be super sophisticated and lovely in light wool!


  4. oooh what a find – love it!
    while i have yet to take on bound button holes i’ve done welt pockets – same concept just different size results! it takes a bit of practice but you’ll get there 🙂


  5. Ah, it takes reading the blog and linking to the patterns to keep all the ideas straight. I definitely love the pink for the Lonsdale dress and think it will end up both summery fun and chic. The blue sateen was nice, but not right for that pattern; it’d be better off as a sheath dress, like you mentioned in the post about buying it–the solid sheen will boost a simple pattern into a powerhouse look. Maybe even the same pattern as your chambray dress, but retooled a bit… princess seams? ballet neck?

    Oh, and did I mention how delighted I am to be the family member you’re making the Passport dress for? I’m delighted!


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