Maid of Dishonor

Oh, hi, everyone!  Have I mentioned that my sister recently got engaged?  I’m a co-maid of honor (with my other sister) and we’re allowed to select our own dresses.  Today she told me that she’s decided on “soft peach” as her color (which also sounds like an ice cream flavor, or maybe a Mary Kay eye shadow), so I need to find something in that color family.  Of course, I’m going to try to make a dress, but I need to find the right pattern!  That’s where you guys come in– anyone have any suggestions?

My sister’s bridal gown is a vintage 50’s tea-length dress with cap sleeves, a fitted, low waist, and a full skirt.  I’m thinking that I should go with something similar in tone if not in actual style (i.e., not super fitted or modern-looking).  Maybe something knee-length with a bit of a 50’s feel, but not too costume-y or over the top?  I would probably prefer something sleeveless (maybe even strapless), with a slightly full skirt, but I’m not sold on anything specific.  Off the top of my head, I was thinking about the Colette Eclair dress, as it seems like a nice choice for a bridesmaid’s dress, but I’m not sure.  It’s so full right above the hips that it seems to make some people appear wider than they really are.   Or am I just imagining that?  Other than that, I don’t have any ideas at all.  I had initially wondered about making Gertie’s bombshell dress as my bridesmaid dress, but I think it might be too incongruous in style.  I dunno…

Any thoughts?  I really don’t have any idea what to make!  Has anyone run across any cute bridesmaid-y patterns lately?

Also, guys, Bridesmaids comes out next month!  I’m really looking forward to seeing it again… although I’m hoping that I’m able to steer clear of any food poisoning-type scenarios during  this pre-wedding season…

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      • i just checked back because i thought burdastyle’s cap sleeve dress ( with careful tweaking) could rock too. i have no idea what i meant by “run dress”. “run and chase the bride down the aisle? run and catch the bouquet?” no idea.


        • Oh my gosh, I JUST finished taping that pattern together– spooky! It reminds me a bit of the PR gathered sundress, but it might be nice to have a bit of a sleeve in November. Was the neckline as low on you as some folks have said? I’m trying to decide if I need to raise it. Also, there don’t seem to be any sizes marked on the bodice pattern! I don’t know what the eff I’m doing! But if the muslin is a colossal failure, I can always go with the gathered sundress. Sheesh girl, who knew that sewing would be so much work???


  1. The Eclair is beautiful! I agree that it looks like it could be a little fluffy where the skirt meets the bodice, but I think you could modify the skirt pieces by taking out some of the width of the skirt pieces. That way you’d have less fabric to gather and less bulk in the skirt. Maybe if you used a very lightweight fabric, it wouldn’t look so full.


    • I was wondering about that. I thought if I used silk or chiffon or something like that, maybe it would be less poufy. But I don’t know if I have the skills to deal with something like chiffon. Hmmm…


  2. I think the eclair would be lovely,you’ll look great in it, even with the poof. I’m pretty sure you’re slender enough to pull it off.

    I did a quick search in my to buy list and came up with this:

    I think Simplicity 2444 would be great as a bridesmaid dress. There’s a version without sleeves too, and it does have a subtle 50s vibe.

    Or maybe Vogue 2960? It’s a reprint of a 1954 pattern. Personally I would take the hem up quite a bit, since I’m not a great fan of tea length skirts.

    Hope this helped.


    • Oh, I like both of those! I saw the Vogue pattern a while back and was trying to find it again, actually, but I couldn’t remember the # or find one that looked right. Thanks so much!


  3. I think the Eclair dress is BEAUTIFUL! It shows off other assets, so I think poofiness around the hips would be fine. I love all of these suggestions though. That bow in the back dress is really, really pretty.

    I am SO excited for the Bridesmaids DVD. I rarely buy movies, but I’m going to purchase that one for sure. I’m cracking up just thinking about the opening scene….


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