Ginger Freebie! Colette Patterns Giveaway

If you’re anything like me, you might find your love for Colette Patterns reaching epic levels these days.  First they unveiled their fancy new blog makeover, then they announced the upcoming Colette Sewing Handbook, and then yesterday they revealed their Fall Palette Challenge 2011!  So imagine the peaks of joy I reached today when Sarai revealed the Fall 2011 collection!  Oh, boy, is it fancy and fun!

Have you SEEN these???  In a word: adorbs.

Jasmine and Clover (photo courtesy of Colette)

Tell me how I’m supposed to say no to this!  How cute is the tie blouse?  I’m not sure if I’m bold enough to wear the cigarette pants as they’re a bit more figure-hugging (or “snuggy”, as my mom would say) than what I usually wear, but dang if I’m not tempted to give ’em a try!


Peony, the new love of my life (photo courtesy of Colette)

I LOVE this dress.  The color is perfect, the style is so sweet, classic, and flattering, AND, it’s named after my favorite flower!  I need this in my life!

Sadly for me, I have a MASSIVE sewing queue going right now (did I mention that I am now making a bridesmaid dress for my sister AND a dress for my mom to wear to the wedding in addition to my own??), so I have to hold off for a bit before making or buying these.  BUT, I’m so excited about these patterns that I want to share a little love with YOU GUYS, so I’m offering the first ever Ginger Freebie!  Leave a comment below if you’re interested in winning one of the new fall patterns, and I will select a winner at random (with some sort of fancy robot computer generator gizmo).  Just let me know which pattern you’d like in your comment, and if you like, include a little bit about what you’re thinking as far as fabric, color, etc!

The catch: there is no catch!  You don’t have to follow the blog, subscribe, or wow me with your javelin-throwing skills.  You can pick any of the three new patterns, and I’ll pre-order it for you (international shipping is fine).  Let’s cut this off, oh, let’s say a week from today, Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 11:59PM EST, and I’ll draw a winner as soon after that as I possibly can!  Eek!!  I’m so excited!

38 responses

  1. Hello, what a lovely giveaway! I love all the new patterns too, so classic and stylish. If I had to pick one I would select the Jasmine blouse as I really need to increase the number of blouses in my wardrobe, and Jasmine has such lovely features it could easily be made in plain colours.
    Thank you 🙂


  2. If you don’t put your foot down, soon you’ll be sewing tuxedos for the groomsmen as well! Did you settle on a bridesmaid dress for yourself? Will you show us soon? Thanks a million for the fabulous give-away. I’m coveting all three new patterns but if I had to choose, it would have to be Peony and I would make it in a neutral coloured light wool with a splash of colour for the waistband – perfect for fall and winter in these parts! Thanks again!


  3. Hey – yes please ! What a generous giveaway ! Like you, my absolute favourite flowers are peonies and as such if I were lucky enough to win, that’s totally the pattern that I would go for. The peony dress. Thank you so much ! xx


  4. Ahh! How generous of you!!
    I DIE for the Clover pants! DIE! I love the other two almost equally, but I seriously require those pants in my wardrobe. I would make my first pair in a scrumptious black wool blend. Sigh…
    And I have maaad javelin skilz. ;D


  5. You’re so sweet! They’re all fabulous but I was just about to post on my blog about how much I want to make cigarette pants this fall, so I definitely want to try the Clover pants! Thanks!


  6. I don’t yet own any Colette patterns, but I want them all. From this line, my favorite is definitely the Jasmine! It’s so adorable. I just bought a dusty rose fabric that would look lovely with the more structured sleeves of version 1 (love those notched cuffs!).


  7. Oh wow, what a wonderful giveaway, Colette Patterns are the best! I already have the hand book on pre-order. 😦

    Gosh, it’s so hard to pick from the new Fall patterns, but if I had to I’d go with the Jasmine…or the Clover. 😉


  8. Awesome giveaway!! I love the Peony dress, and I already have ideas for lightweight wool in teal or emerald green.

    Also, are you planning to join the 9/30 NYC Sew Weekly meetup? It sounds like a heap of fun! I’m definitely going.


  9. What a great giveaway! I really love all of them, but I would wear Clover the most. I want to sew them up in everything from dark wools to saturated cottons! I also like that they come in two lengths.


  10. This a great give away. Thanks for the chance to participate. If I won I would love the Jasmine pattern. I can never have too many blouses. I have quite a bit of floral fabric that would make a great Jasmine top.


  11. What a wonderful surprise to come back into town to find a giveaway on your blog! Though I’ve been dying to sew a bow blouse and the dress is super cute, I think I’d get the most use out of the skinny pants. Crossing my fingers…


  12. I would love to make up the Peony dress this would be great for work. I’m thinking either a navy blue or a teal green would be nice for winter. I’m not quite sure what I’d use for fabric, I’d have to take a quick trip to fabric store to play.


  13. Good thing there’s no javelin throwing competitions, it could get nasty! Plus I’m not the javelin throwing type… Thank you big time for such a lovely giveaway. Count me in for the Peonie! x


  14. I’m seriously considering those cigarette pants. They’d be my first pants ever but they look so sweet and simple and a commenter at Colette mentioned that in enough stretch they’d be rather legging like…


  15. Love, love the Clover cigarette pants. I’m looking for a basic straight leg pants pattern to wear with oversized sweaters and tees and these look like they would work perfectly. By the way, I should be avoiding “snuggy” pants too, but I think they are much more slimming than full pants when they are paired with a big top.


  16. Wow, this is so generous of you!

    I’d love to start out with some Jasmine blouses, such a lovely pattern! And I already have three on my mind, just from stash, I didn’t even hit the stores yet for inspiration.
    The first would be made from a georgeous cashmere-brown silk, a leftover from my grandma’s stash, second a thin cotton in navy with a navy-themed collar and third shirting cotton in mint with millefleur print.


  17. I love the dress, but the clover pants are fantastic. A classic style that looks good on most figures, even curvy (if you’ve got it flaunt it!) I have a lovely black and red rose floral with a bit of stretch in it that would be wonderful, paired with a little black top.


  18. Oh I’ve loved the Jasmine top since I first saw it! So sweet… and I have the pefect floppy rayon to make it in – white with yellow polka dots. And if it looks as good as I hope it will, then I have at least 4 other vintage pieces ready to sew as well! Gorgeous pattern 😉


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