Sweet September

Hi there, friends!  Can you believe that the summer is almost over?  It’s gone by so quickly, although it does seem like springtime was eons ago (and it seems like an impossibly long time ago that it was a comfortable temperature inside my apartment!).  It’s been a while since I’ve had a sewing post, so I wanted to give you a little update about what I’ve been working on these days.  Also, I’ve been reading and enjoying all your comments on my giveaway post, but I haven’t responded to them because I didn’t want to complicate the winner calculation situation by throwing my own comments into the mix (hey, I’m an artsy fartsy type!  I don’t know anything about math/statistics/practical life skills!)!  It’s super fun hearing what you guys would do with the fall patterns!

First things first, my long-lost Lonsdale dress!  I should be finished with it by the end of this weekend, I hope!  All I have left is putting in the zipper and hemming it.  I expected to be done with this two weeks ago, but when I pulled out my zipper, I realized it was 8″ too short!  Um… not really sure how I managed that one, but I couldn’t get to the store that weekend and as we were basically on lockdown last weekend because of Hurricane Irene fears, I couldn’t get a new zipper until today.  So hopefully I’ll finish it up and be able to wear it at least once before summer is gone!

Since Miss Irene had us housebound, I was able to do some pattern laying out, tracing, and cutting, so today I sewed up the muslin for my sister’s bridesmaid dress.

Don't muslins look sad on a hanger?

It’s Simplicity 2209, the Lisette Passport dress.  I’m really anxious to see how it looks on my sister!  I’ll see her in two weeks, so I guess I’ll have to be patient until then!  We haven’t picked any fabric out yet, but she’s leaning towards wool since the wedding is in November, maybe in a melon color.  I really like the darts at the waist– such a great detail!

My mom picked out Simplicity 2444 for her mom-of-the-bride dress.  I think it’s a nice choice for her– she’s young and not very “matronly”, so a lot of more traditional m-o-t-b dresses look old and strange on her.  Also, the wedding will be pretty casual and fun, so a cocktail-type silhouette didn’t seem quite appropriate.

Simplicity 2444

I like that there are so many options for the dress.  It’s easy to imagine making multiple versions of this in different fabrics for different seasons.  Mom picked the sleeveless version, collarless, with the bow front.  I just picked out some fabric today at Mood:

aqua cotton sateen from Mood

I had tentatively decided on the Burda cap sleeve dress for my own dress, but now I’m really thinking that the new Colette Peony dress would be super fun to do.  What do you think?

I wanted to show you guys this as well:

"Ham" might be my favorite word

I treated myself to a tailor’s ham and seam roll set from Sunni’s shop!  I love them so much– they make me feel so professional!  I figured it might be wise to invest in some tools to make all these dresses look as sharp as possible!

What are you guys up to?  Are you starting to plan pieces for your fall wardrobe?  Anybody going back to school or starting anything new these days?  Also, anybody coming to the 9/30 NYC meetup with Oona, Debi, Meg, and Mena?  It sounds like a hoot!  I know that Mary will be there… anyone else?  I’m going to try my hardest to make it– I work on Fridays, but I’m hoping it will be a quiet day and I can slip away for a few hours to join the festivities!  I’d love to meet you folks in person!

14 responses

  1. aHAH! is this the elusive mary whose blogger profile didn’t link to her comment? huzzah!

    irene did have her upside, what with all the free sewing time… and i’m highly jealous of your sunni goods. wantz them. needz them.


    • Case closed, Encyclopedia Brown! Woohoo!

      OMG– was soooo happy to cancel a weekend video shoot (who wants to drive to Pennsylvania and back and lug equipment around? blech!!) and hole up and work! Plus, our cable never went out, so loads of trash TV!

      Get yourself a ham, girl!


  2. If you can get the Peonie pattern in time it would be beautiful, I can’t wait to get it myself! Super delicious! The Burdastyle pattern is nice, but I’ve noticed most people (including myself) needed some serious fitting. Viva la toile!

    Super jealous of your NY meet up. Take lots of photos for us in other lands! 🙂 x


    • I loved your Burdastyle dresses, and really enjoyed the “One Pattern Seven Bloggers” project. The dress is so flattering and pretty on *everyone*– AMAZING! I started to muslin the bodice last weekend, and the size that my measurements correspond to isn’t even close to big enough (and I even remembered to add in the seam allowance this time!). Grrrr… So I’m still thinking it over. The Peony pattern is awfully nice…

      If you ever make it to NYC, we’ll have to host a party for CP&P fans! 🙂


  3. Get the peony pattern and make it! I absolutely, totally love it! So far, it’s definitely my favorite pattern for Cam’s shindig. The picture Colette is using on their site is pretty much the right color you’d need too!

    Oh, ps, the muslin is sad but it still looks good! I’m excited to try it on.


  4. I also have a pair of Sunni’s tailor hams and seam rolls, and I love them. Mine are nearly identical to yours, only I have a bit of yellow where you have green. And, I didn’t splurge on a fancy cotton, so where you have polka dots, I just have muslin. But, again, I love them.


  5. I agree that the Peony dress would be lovely! It’s very beautiful and doesn’t look all that difficult to make.

    I think I’m going to start planning my Fall wardrobe next week, I’m pretty sure we had the last burst of warm weather last weekend so it doesn’t seem much use making even more lighter clothes.


    • As much as I love sundresses (and sunshine), I do love the beginning of fall! It’s so fun to pull out the sweaters, boots, and jackets that have been tucked away for months! Looking forward to seeing your fall sewing!


  6. Can I just say how impressed I am that you are sewing for your family? You brave soul! Pick Peony as your dress – it will look fabulous. Not much sewing going on in these parts… and I’m procrastinating like mad on my Rooibos. Blame it on the end of summer and my need to play outside before winter hits us like a ton of bricks. Love your tailor’s ham. I bought one too while we were sewing our Gingers – it’s an Echino print with little vespa scooters and sunglasses which conveys super fun times. And don’t they smell so good when heated up by the hot iron? It’s like the forest moved into my sewing space!


    • Vespa scooters?!?! I love it!!!!! They DO smell great– and it’s so fun to say the word “ham”!

      You’ve got to enjoy every last drop of summer– it goes by so quickly! It was in the 50s and raining all day today (and unfortunately I work outside… for 14 hour stretches), so I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself about summer’s inevitable departure. Enjoy what’s left!


  7. I kept forgetting to tell you that I LOVE your pressing tools from Sunni. I have a set from her too! You’ll be pleased to know that I finally broke down and ordered myself a Peony. Since my Passport is finally finished I’ll hopefully have enough time to put the Peony together for an event on November 2nd.


    • They’re the best!! I feel like such a pro when I use them! I’ve been leaving them out and using them to iron my shirts (I stick the seam roll in the sleeves… totally pointless, I’m sure, but it’s really fun). Can’t wait to see your Peony! It’s such a cute pattern!!!


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