Of Linings and Llamas

Hi, fanciest friends!  Hope you are well and that you are all livin’ the dream!

I bet you can’t believe it, but I’m beating this procrastination thing like a redheaded stepchild and GETTING WORK DONE.  I can’t believe it myself… why would I suddenly change my ways at age 28?  It might have something to do with Man Friend’s ceaseless goading bribing encouragement (not that I blame him– he is possibly the only person who wants more than me to avoid the whole up-all-night-crying-and-cursing-myself-for-signing-up-for-the-this-night-before-the-wedding scenario)… or maybe I’m just growing older and wiser.  OK, we all know that Man Friend’s intense pressure gentle nudging is responsible, but, hey, one can always pretend to be growing up!

So here’s Mom’s dress so far:

Does anyone know how to style garments for photos when your model is missing? This looks so pathetic!

I’m planning to opt out of the prescribed facings and do a full lining with some buttercream-colored Bemberg rayon that I picked up at Paron’s.  I found this tutorial on the Green Apples blog, and it’s a little confusing, but I think I can figure out how to do this.

I cut out my sister’s dress from a super nice cotton/silk blend (also from Paron’s… and let me tell you, I had a HARD time parting with this fabric.  I kind of want to squirrel all of it away in a creepy hoarder’s nest and pretend like I didn’t know I was supposed to make a dress for her!).  Things were going along swimmingly, but I ran into a sort of stumbling block tonight.  You see, I accidentally cut two bodice fronts, so I decided to turn it into what my high school art teacher would call a “happy mistake” and use it to make a self-lining for the bodice.  I love this idea, but now I’m kind of confused about how to construct this.  I plan to use Bemberg lining for the skirt portion.  How do I attach this to the bodice?  And should I line the bodice back, too?  The fabric is kinda sheer.  Do I sew the shoulders, neck, and armholes together, then sew the side seams?  When do I attach the skirt lining?  And how do I attach the shell fabric for the skirt?  I’m such a dope!  I’ve never done a lining before, but I’m looking forward to trying it out.  I think the dresses will look much nicer with them.

Mmm... peachy, silky, and delicious!

In other news, last weekend Man Friend and I drove to the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, and it did NOT disappoint!  We stuffed ourselves with carnival food and ogled alpacas to our hearts’ content!

I like to stare down farm animals. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when they look away first.

There was a leaping llama contest (think the opposite of the limbo– llamas jump over progressively higher bars) and yes, it’s as hilarious as it sounds!  There was also a super cute team of frisbee dogs!  I was too busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing to take any photos, but trust me, they were great!

A cashmere goat! This guy is so soft he makes baby's butts seem like sandpaper in comparison!

I showed some massive restraint and only picked up two (TWO!!!) skeins of yarn (again, showing maturity… at Man Friend’s suggestion… sigh…), but they are both lovely.  Our rickety VW van made it there and back without incident, so I’m counting the day as a raging success!  If you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should!

My new best friend! Did you know that alpacas hum? Someday when I get my pet alpaca, I'll start an animal symphony!

What are you guys up to lately?  How’s everything going?  I hope your projects are all treating you right!

14 responses

  1. What a wonderful dress – I thought it was finished when I saw the picture! I have a pretty padded hanger but then often forget to use it when photographing things on the hanger. I did a fully lined shift dress earlier this year and I did a wordy description in my blogpost here as well as linking to a tutorial: http://denimskirtsandotherstuff.blogspot.com/2011/08/angela-kane-shift-dress.html (sorry no pictures I’m afraid). Dress linings only join at the armholes and neckline so you make up your dress and lining as 2 separate pieces first leaving the shoulder seams unjoined. Join together in these places and then sew up the shoulder seams on both. If you’re attaching a collar to a lined dress I did it slightly differently (but I don’t think you have a collar so I won’t link).


  2. The dresses are looking good. I wish I had some fabulous lining advice, but I don’t. That’s part of the reason that my Rooibos is so stalled…I’m planning on lining it but haven’t worked up the courage to get going with this new endeavour yet. The wool festival sounds awesome! And please, don’t go getting too grown up on us… it’s okay to outgrow procrastination for crucial times like your sister’s wedding, but what’s the fun in being an adult al the time? 🙂


    • Ooh, you have to finish your Rooibos! I can’t wait to see it! But I know what you mean– linings are so intimidating! I ironed my Bemberg lining and prepared to cut the pieces out, but boy, it’s going to be a real bear to deal with. It’s slippery and wiggly and WEIRD. Not looking forward to this. 😦


    • Thanks, girl! I’m a wreck now! Super insane work week and NO TIME to work on the dresses, so I’ll probably have to do an all-nighter to finish everything before my 6am flight on Friday! Yikes! I’m really glad to be making these cause I wanted my family to have something special for the big day, but I was realllllly hoping to not end up down to the wire like this. Oh well, live and learn!


  3. You need a dress form. Also helps when getting ready to take pictures. Over the years I have found 2 dress (Size 8 and Size 4)forms in thrift stores. Another one was given to me by a co-worker found at a flea market (Size 12). And last I have a male form for me I got when the company I work for dropped the Men’s Career Closet.


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