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Hi, friends!  Let’s take a quick break from dress madness and talk about something more pleasant, shall we?  The lovely and talented Stephanie from Stouty Sews tagged me with the “Versatile Blogger Award”!  If you haven’t visited her blog yet, definitely do it!  Her knitting and sewing projects always leave me wanting to immediately launch into the same pattern/project!

I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself and then tag some new blogs to do the same!  Let’s do this!

1.) My name… is not Ginger.  (“Ginger” is the beginning of my last name, though, so I’m not COMPLETELY misrepresenting myself!)  I don’t even have red hair!  But I feel like I COULD be a Ginger, even though I wasn’t given such a snappy (ha!) name at birth!

2.) I love sewing (or more accurately, PLANNING to sew) cute, girly dresses, but I’m actually a tomboy!  I work surrounded by boys, and my everyday wardrobe is super unisex and 70’s-inspired– corduroys, plaid buttondowns, raglan-sleeved baseball shirts, etc!  If someone asked how I would describe my style, the first thing that comes to mind is that I look like I escaped from the set of  “The Bad News Bears”!  I guess a lot of my sewing lately is motivated by a desire to add a little glamour to my life and maybe occasionally swap out my Chuck Taylors (or worse, Bean boots!) for pumps!

3.)  I’m married to the dapper, unflappable, and super cool Man Friend, and we also live with this guy:

It's hard to be a pug.

His name is Doug Dickinson, and he’s a pretty new acquisition to the family (he really belongs to dear friends who are tied up with toddler/baby raising, so he’s staying with us long-term).  I’ve always been a fan of big dogs (excepting dachshunds, because they are hilarious and amazing) and– confession– not really into pugs, but Doug is such a sweetheart that he’s totally won me over!  He’s a bit neurotic, barks at every noise he hears on the street, and is addicted to eating baby carrots, but he more than makes up for his shortcomings with his superhuman snuggling skills!

4.) I grew up without a TV– long story short, ours broke when I was a little kid, the guy took forever to fix it, and in the meantime my parents realized how much extra free time they had and decided to go without it.  So we missed out on lots of pop culture, but did all kinds of nerdy activities to keep ourselves entertained.  Strangely enough, now I make TV shows for a living!

5.)   I have two fake teeth!  I knocked them out in separate incidents as a kid.   (Why am I telling you this…???)

6.) I was born in Germany to American parents, then moved to Colorado briefly as a tyke before spending my growing-up years in Indiana.  I set off for college in California at age 18, and now I’m in New York!  I love imagining what it would be like to live in another place and I’m always open to checking things out somewhere else!

7.) Although I used to love to cook (before I began working crazy film/TV hours), my favorite thing to eat is frozen pizza.  I know it’s totally white trash, but I love it!  My obsession is Tombstone frozen pizza, and I have to search high and low for it as it’s not carried at every grocery store in NYC.  Yeah, I’m fancy!

I hope you enjoyed this useless information!  I know I’ve enjoyed learning more about you guys as you’ve been featured!  I’m tagging a couple of fabulous bloggers– check them out!

Katie of Under the Red Umbrella

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Katy of Denim Skirts and Other Stuff

Joanne (not named Katie/Katy!) of Stitch and Witter

11 responses

  1. I enjoyed reading these tid-bits about you. I must confess I can relate to your fashion style (as I’m also a bit tomboyish), and to the TV thing: Mr. Stitch and I have an ancient TV that only comes to life on the rare occasion we rent a movie (we have no cable). Oh, and when I was 15 years old, I was an exchange student in the booming metropolis of Crown Point, Indiana. Thanks for the links to new fun blogs to read 🙂


  2. You and me both grew up without a TV! Our set broke when I was about 4 and we didn’t get another one until I was 10. I was a 70s kid so I never saw Charlie’s Angels and still haven’t. I imagine it wasn’t such a big deal when you were a kid but it made me stick out like a sore thumb at school. Kids would stare in disbelief and asked what I did at home! Ah thank you so much for tagging me! Hope your dresses are going well. Look forward to the photos.


  3. Thanks for responding! First of all, I wish I would’ve come up with a psuedonym. Ginger is darling. I think your style sounds really cute, too. I’m sewing for similar reasons. Our next pet is going to be a pug. That picture is ridiculously cute. Omg.

    I hope you had a great birthday and I’m excited to see wedding pictures!


  4. Woah – I’ve just found your blog. Thank you so much for the shout out. I love your creations – the colours are adorable and you’re so talented. Thank you so much!


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