There’s a New Lady in my Life!

Hi, friend-os! Remember how I told you I had something to show you? Did you die of impatience? Well, here it is, my birthday present from Man Friend:

She's beautiful!


A new sewing machine!  I can finally return the machine I’ve been borrowing from my sister since, oh, March or so (it was a Brother XL2600i), and maybe she’ll be inspired to do some sewing!  I can’t wait to start my first project on her!  It’s a mechanical model, which I love, as the idea of computerized sewing machines scares me for some reason.  You can lower the feed dogs, which I hear is a nice perk.  The only thing that worries me is that it’s a 4-step buttonhole– I STILL haven’t attempted a buttonhole and a 4-step process sounds mucho scary.  Eek!

Love the cheesy faux-60's vibe!


Do you like her “magnolia” design?  I love that it in no way resembles actual magnolias… more like daisies?  Or asters?

Now I just need to figure out what to name her!  I’m thinking that she’s a Southern belle and, as such, needs a nice proper name.  Gotta think on it a spell, I suppose.

Here’s a little sneak peek for you of my Peony dress– it’s a terrible cell phone picture, but it gives you an idea of what the finished project looks like:

Look, there's a ghost behind me! Spooooooky!

Please pardon my dishevelled appearance– this was taken towards the end of the reception when bad things had happened to my hair.  And Man Friend thinks his weird pose makes him look fat (he’s actually skinny!  It’s a weird angle).  Don’t tell him I posted this!  It’s our little secret.  Also, the lady behind me in aqua is my mom, so you can get a glimpse of the back of her dress.  I like this photo because my baby brother kept running behind us, trying to ruin it.  It’s kind of funny to have a blurry version of him hanging out in the background.

27 responses

  1. Congrats on your new baby. How about “Bella” for a name for your new southern belle? Or is that too much like Twighlight? And the dresses, even on a phone photo, look great.


  2. Man Friend rocks! What a fantastic birthday present!

    You guys look so cute, AND – that peach Peony looks great against grey. I think you need to wear it with a big grey cardi and some grey boots 🙂


  3. Your dress looks lovely as does the back of your mum’s. You must be chuffed with yourself! You don’t look tired in despite having only one hour’s sleep!


  4. what a great present! my machine has a four step button hole and its not an issue, if its anything like my one its actually quite handy because if you want to go back in and redo one side you can just do that step. Have fun 🙂


  5. Your dress looks gorgeous, I like the ghostly figure behind you! I have a four step button hole on my machine and it is fine, really simple to do, though I have had it since January and still have to read the manual to remind myself which step goes when! I wanted an automatic buttonhole but paled at the higher prices for those machines. Have fun with the new machine.


  6. OH! Love the new machine! I have a four step buttonhole on my machine and I feel like I finally know how to work it 🙂 Have fun playing with it! And your dress looks lovely, btw.


    • Thanks! You should definitely try to find some sewing time (although I’m sure you’re very busy with your student schedule!)! I like to set little deadlines for myself to motivate myself to finish projects (i.e., finish this dress in time for holiday party, etc). But my queue of projects I’d like to make is enormous and I seriously doubt I’ll ever have time to make everything! 🙂


    • Aww, thanks! He’s awfully cute! I liked the photos of you and Mr. Fish from the BurdaStyle bash (sidenote: I’m sooooo sad that I missed it! I seem to miss out on alll the fun NYC events… boo…)! You two look adorable together!


  7. A new machine! And, a beautiful new dress! It’s wonderful that you pulled off all of your wedding sewing and have a new machine now to help keep the momentum going. I’m excited to see what’s next!


  8. just found your blog! Love your new sewing machine! I just got a serger which I am super excited about. Love the dress! would love it if you passed by my blog. We could follow each other! 🙂



  9. Just found your blog, and noticed your new sewing machine. Looking for a Southern “Belle” name? How about LouLou Belle? Totally a Southern name, and just speaks volumes for a Sewing machine. Lol.
    Your Blue dress your mom is wearing is SO adorable BTW. Great Job. Oh, yes….I’m a knitter too!


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