Ginger Made: Baby Kina

Ooh, baby!  Hope you guys had lovely weekends!  Mine was packed with family festivities, including a baby shower for my cousin!  It’s her first baby, a little girl due on Christmas Day, but in one of those unpredictable baby surprises, Miss A decided to come 7 weeks early!  Both the ladies are doing well, although we didn’t get to see the wee one (she can’t be in contact with other people for 2 months).

I knitted a little sweater for the lady:

The pattern is Baby Kina, and I used Debbie Bliss Ecobaby Fair Trade yarn.  It was a quick and easy knit (and not just because it’s so tiny!).  It’s simple to do, although the instructions are fairly minimal and assume that you have a fair amount of experience, so if this is one of your first projects you may need to have a beginner’s knitting manual nearby.

I discovered a lovely yarn store in my hometown that’s popped up since I moved away, Sheep’s Clothing, and was pleasantly surprised by their massive selection of yarn, needles, and patterns.  I picked up the buttons there– aren’t they sweet?

How many of you guys are knitters?  If you’re not, is it something you’re at all interested in?

How are your projects coming along?  Diving into your holiday gift-making yet?

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  1. That’s a cute cardigan – a lovely colour. I used to knit little dolls when I was young. I started to knit a scarf about, oh five months ago, in a fit of enthusiasm when Angela Kane released her knitting video. However I dropped a stitch and am stuck on how to fix it. I’m off to see my mum this Wednesday so I’ll take my knitting with me for her to do this! Thanks for the prompt!


        • Yay! I’m a firm believer in the benefits of knitting! It’s a great way to decompress after a long day and to think things over (or just to have something to do with your hands while you’re being a couch potato)! I’m so glad you finished!


  2. I love your baby sweater! I’ve knitted a few scarves and washcloths, but nothing more complicated. I’m always impressed and inspired by people who can make clothing and things that aren’t rectangles. 🙂


  3. I LOVE this! I don’t knit, but handmade baby sweaters always make me want to learn. I don’t even have kids and I want to hoard these little sweaters! Miss A is super lucky. Love the color.


    • But it’s so much more fun to procrastinate and stay up super late Christmas Eve knitting! I’m trying to avoid that this year, but we’ll see. Somehow things always have a way of coming down to the wire.


  4. Its adorable! I’m teaching myself to knit — I think it’s the cold weather to blame for just wanting to sit with a cup of tea on the couch making warm things!


  5. This is really cute, and I love the buttons! I would love to learn to knit, and I’d really really love to learn to crochet. On a whim, I bought a book a while ago about crocheting creepy little monsters. I’ve just never got off my butt to do it… One day! 🙂 This definitely inspires me!


    • Monsters sound super fun! I love all the patterns for knitting little animals, but I’ve never tried it (too many babies in my life to knit for!). You should try it– nothing’s more fun than curling up with a knitting or crocheting project on a cold day (OK, so it may be a while before you have a cold day, but someday…).


  6. very late comment but very cute cardigan! hope Miss A is getting stronger and will be able to model it for visitors soon 🙂
    i knit a bit, only really took it up in past year or so, but i agree with what you were saying to someone else above, i find it really relaxing in the same way pilates used to de-stress me!!!


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