Vintage Giveaway Winners!

Yay, winners!  Man Friend picked names out of a hat (OK, I lied, a tumbler), so if you didn’t win, you can hate him forever!

Without further ado, the winners!

The Pink Donkey Extravaganza: Reana Louise!

The Yellow Scarf: Minnado!

The Plaid Scarf: Kirsty!

The Red Scarf (alas, if only I had multiples so everyone could have one!): Kerry!

The Red Wool Dress: Gail!

Thanks for playing, friends!  I’ll contact all the winners for shipping information.  🙂

8 responses

  1. Ha ! I had to check through the names on the comments on the post to see if there were any more Kirsty’s ! Thank you ! And thanks to Man Friend as well ! Very excited and cant wait to swan around with said scarf ON. Thanks again xxx


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