Hittin’ the Books

Hello, everyone!  Hope you’re having lovely Thursdays!  Here in NYC it is rainy and grey– a perfect day to stay home cuddled up with a book!  Luckily Santa was good to me this year and I received a few sew-y books for Christmas!

"Perfect Fit"? I like the sound of that!

My sister found this on my Amazon wish list, and boy, does it look fun!  Stefanie Lincecum uses the rub-off method, so in theory, I can copy favorite clothes (how many times have you wished that you’d bought a second version of your favorite piece of clothing once it started to wear out?)!  I can’t wait to give this a try!  Thanks, Brenna!

Those red pumps are haunting my dreams! Must. Find. Them.

Brenna also gave me this book, and it’s total eye candy!  There are so many cute patterns in here, but the real treat is seeing all the beautiful Liberty prints on display!  How sweet is that apron on the cover?!

OK, this is a little bit funny, but this book was a gift… from my 40 year-old, preppy, male boss!  I guess everyone at work realizes what a sewing geek I am!  This book is actually amazing– I’ve learned so much from it!  I couldn’t believe how many techniques I’ve used without understanding why I needed to use them… I’m really excited to learn more!

Alright, I know that I already treated myself to the Colette and BurdaStyle books in November and December, but after Minnado and Nettie recommended this book, I DESPERATELY needed it to work on my 2012 goal of becoming comfortable working with knits:

And I couldn’t qualify for Super Saver Shipping on Amazon without buying a second book, so I really HAD to have this one, too!

I’m out of control!  But it really is lucky that I have so much great reading material, research material, even, on such a gross day!  I’m practically doing homework!

How about you guys?  What are you reading these days?  Do you have any favorite sewing resources?

SIDENOTE— I was having some issues today trying to comment on Blogspot blogs, so there are a few of you whose posts I tried to comment on, but couldn’t.  😦

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  1. I’m waiting for the pattern making one to arrive! I would be interested as to whether you think the readers digest book is worth the investment as my technique book is ThevSewing Book by Alison Smith which gives the how but not necessarily the why!

    Have fun with your homework, I can’t think of anything other than actual sewing I’d rather do on a miserable grey day.


    • You know, the Reader’s Digest book has a great deal of in-depth information on fitting, alterations, seam finishes, basically everything! Obviously I haven’t read it cover to cover, but it’s hard to imagine a toppic that isn’t covered in this book! The only thing that’s weird is that the book is filled with photos and instructions for various Simplicity patterns that aren’t included (which isn’t really a shame as they’re really… square).


  2. Oh, I didn’t realize the Liberty book also included patterns – I may have to go look though it. It’s also gray, rainy and miserable in Toronto… what’s with the weather this year? We haven’t had snow yet!


    • Yeah, they’re pretty basic, but cute– pillows, quilts, aprons, that kind of thing– mostly stuff you draft yourself according to their instructions.

      We had snow the last weekend in October, and none since! It’s really strange!


  3. Awesome gifts! You’ve got quite a nice sewing library there! Lucky you! I think I may have to invest in the Reader’s Digest guide too – I don’t have a single straight sewing reference book.


    • I bet you’ll really like it! I probably would have picked up the Vogue sewing book if I had picked it out myself (if only because that seems a little hipper), but in reading reviews, it sounds like the Reader’s Digest book is a little better and clearer for a beginner like myself.


  4. Fab array of books! The Readers’ Digest seems to be a good all rounder. I have it but the cover’s different to yours. I got an Amazon gift card so I want to buy a pattern making book with it. I’m trying to work out which one is the best!


  5. Ooh good books. I’ve got sew u home stretch and it is my fave go to knit sewing bible. I was also lucky enough to be given the liberty book for Christmas and i keep thinking about yes the frilly apron, but also the rose cushion … And that top book is funny- ive just added it to my wish list, ( birthday coming up, have to give menfolk the right steer!) so am interested to know what you think of it. Happy reading 🙂


    • So far it looks pretty cool– it basically tells you what you need to do to rub off a pattern, and then how to alter it for more looks (i.e. how to rub off a blouse and then use that to make a halter top). Pretty interesting…


  6. How fun! I loooove flipping through sewing books. There’s always something to learn or be inspired by. Those are greats ones to have in your library.

    I have Home Stretch and absolutely love it. I’m excited to see you tackle some knit projects! 🙂


  7. Fun books! I want the Reader’s Digest one. In fact, I added it to my Amazon wish list just now. Also, I’ve been having trouble commenting with Blogger as well. I’ve found that if I keep hitting publish, it will eventually go through. By the way, how do you find the time to comment on everyone’s blogs?! And every post?! You’re magical. I swear you must have some sort of computer generated comment program going…


  8. I LOOOOVE BOOKS!! Any kind but especially craft books! I really want that Bust book, it is such a great all around resource. I hope you find the BBW book informative!


    • I’m loving looking through it– it’s basically got everything in it that I would ever want to make with knits! So fun! The Bust book is super cool! I’ve been wanting since it came out and finally just lost the will power! It’s super cool!


  9. I’ve got the reader’s digest one too – I usually only get it out when I hit a snag but I might pull it out for some light bedtime reading too after reading your review! I’ve had issues with commenting on blogspot blogs recently too. It won’t let me select a profile so I can’t then go through to comment – is that what you’ve had? I was using chrome as a browser so I reopened in IE and that seemed to fix it. Now it’s back to normal again!


  10. Nice haul!
    I’ve the digest book book too, love that it covers non-clothes sewing too – I’m an edition before you though without the Simplicity stuff, doesn’t sound like I’m missing out there though 😉


    • I hadn’t looked at it, and I wouldn’t have thought to get it for myself, but I love it! Such a beautiful book! We’re lucky that so many cool sewing books were released in 2011!


  11. I want to hear more about that first book! Curious about the rub off method (and the immature tween boy inside chuckles). I have a vintage copy of the Reader’s Digest book, and it’s my go-to every time. LOVE it! Heard lots of good thinks about Wendy’s book, too.


  12. It’s just not possible to get enough of books, is it? I’ve recently got the Colette and Burda handbooks but now I can’t help myself coveting over yours 😉


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