Ginger Made: Textured Shawl

Hi, everyone!  I wanted to share with you this shawl that I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  I’m really excited about this one– if you knit, you should really consider this pattern!  It’s very simple and easy to do, but yields lovely results (in my humble opinion).  It’s one of those things that looks way more complicated than it really is (or maybe I’m just easily impressed by simple, simple things… sigh)!

So soft and glorious!

This is the textured shawl recipe from orlane– it’s another free Ravelry download (love ’em!)!  The photo above is an accurate representation of the color– it was kinda tough to photograph!  It’s folded a bit here… how do you guys usually photograph shawls?

As the author states, this isn’t really a pattern, so to speak, but a set of notes about how she made her scarf.  If you’re new to knitting, you may want to read over a few of the other users’ project notes for clarification.  I had never knit a shawl before (or anything else triangular), so I was a bit confused about how to start off (the notes just instruct you to use your favorite set-up for a triangular shawl).  I referenced yorkiegirl’s notes— she just tells you to CO 7 stitches and then increase as instructed on every RS row.  So yeah, not complicated at all… I just get nervous that I’m going to screw something up!

I used the Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino yarn, just like the example (I even used the same colorway, the sort of smoky lavender color).  An unimaginative choice, I know, but it was just too pretty to pass up and that color is perfect for my m-i-l.  It’s soft as can be and really looks up lovely, but it is a bit sheddy (I kept finding purple fuzz on everything– yuck!).

What’s on your to-make list these days?  I was a little bit bad and used Sunni’s 15% discount code at Victory Patterns to buy the Chloe dress (I know, I don’t have any willpower!  Although I really wanted them ALL, so maybe I have a LITTLE willpower).  It’s so cute!  I really want to make it, but I don’t have any fabric that works in my stash, so I’ll have to hold off.  There was a little issue with the code not working at the pattern website, but the owner, Kristiann, couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating.  Yay indie pattern designers!  [edit: The discount code is valid through Jan. 19th!  Get it here!]

I'm not hoarding patterns-- I'm supporting small businesses! (The Chloe dress; image courtesy of Victory Patterns)

In other blogiverse news, I found this great 7-part series, Never Fear Knits, on Dixie DIY– check it out!  It’s so nice to read advice for working with stretch fabrics from a fellow sewist.  Thanks, Dixie!  And if you’re looking for inspiration, check out this gorgeous red jacket on sallieoh!  She has been working on this for quite a while and it’s truly amazing!  That girl’s got what we call in the business world “mad skillz”!

How about you guys?  What’s inspiring you these days?

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  1. Nice work! I’ve often thought about making that shawl, but haven’t gotten around to it. I was seriously into shawls about 3 years ago, and made a ton of them, which of course just sit in the drawer now.

    I got the same pattern from Victory! Also Hazel and Anouk, and I think I’ll be starting with Anouk this spring. I got mine about a month ago; I considered getting the skirt pattern in the “sale” but when the code didn’t work, I thought I’d do it later, and then forgot! I wonder if it’s still valid . . .


    • Ooh, I love the Hazel and Anouk, too! The Anouk looked a bit too tricky for me, though. 🙂 I think the Lola is adorable (and, realistically, probably what I would get the most wear out of), but I don’t really want to try it without a serger.

      The discount code is good through the 19th!


    • Say, great minds think alike! Silk/baby llama sounds reallly nice! It seems like this time of the year everyone has to scramble to replace hats, mitts, etc. that you don’t realize you need until the cold hits!


  2. What a beautiful shawl! I love the color.

    I too was tempted by Sunni’s sale. I picked up the Ava pattern even though I don’t have any fabric for it and have promised myself that I won’t buy any more fabric until I have used up what I have. I’ll be dreaming it about it until next year though! Although I too had the thought that I was hoarding patterns. That sale was too good to pass up!


    • The Ava is sooooo pretty– probably my favorite, actually! But I already have the Colette Macaron and haven’t made that, and it’s a similar look, so I’m holding off for now. Good for you for pledging to use your stash! That’s tough to do! I’m trying to do the same myself. Best of luck!


  3. Hey thanks for the shout out! I’m blushing over here 🙂
    I am so impressed with knitters! That shawl is such a lovely, cozy looking accessory – I bet your mother in law loved it!
    Also – super tempted by ALL the Victory patterns – you picked a good one… I just might have to scoot on over there before the 19th….


    • Your jacket really blew me away! It’s just so perfect! Knitting is so easy– you just pull out your mistakes and start over again, no horrible unpicking or irreparable mistakes to deal with! The Victory Patterns are just so sweet! Looking forward to seeing your next project!


  4. Nice shawl! I will bear this one in mind as have never knit anything that big (yet!) thank you for recommending it for learners.
    As for victory patterns, there’s temptation. Just finished hazel. Lovely!! Can’t wait to wear it. 🙂


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