Ginger Made: Super Cupcake Hat & Cowl

Hi, friend-os!   It’s a cold day in NYC and we’ve got lots of snow headed our way, so I hope if you, too, are hunkered down in snow that you’ve got lots of fun projects to keep you company (but if you’re in the southern hemisphere and it’s summer, I hate you and I don’t want to hear about sunshine, sundresses, sunscreen, or anything else of the sort!!)!

This is the Super Cupcake pattern by Bonnie Marie Burns.  This set is a gift for a dear family friend who’s going through chemotherapy and the resulting hair loss.  My mother-in-law and I thought our friend might be cheered up a little by a fancy new hat, and we really wanted to pick out something special for her (she’s rather chic!).  We visited the local yarn store in my hometown, Sheep’s Clothing, found a sample of this pattern made up in Rowan Lima, and were immediately hooked!  My original thought was to make a cabled beret in a fun color, but the sample hat was so soft, cozy, and comforting that neither of us could stop touching it and decided that this would make a nice gift.

Man Friend dubbed this pose "adorkable" because he is a bad person. Sadly, this was the best photo.

Rowan Lima is amazing– it’s a blend of baby alpaca, merino, and nylon, so it’s simultaneously soft and strong, and it’s spun in a sort of chain-like pattern that knits up incredibly squishy and light.  I highly recommend it!

The pattern is easy as pie– it’s a super basic Shaker rib pattern that makes for a very warm hat with a thick wrong side.  I wouldn’t have even bothered with a pattern if this wasn’t a gift (OK, and if it wasn’t wrong to steal the designer’s idea without contributing some cash).

Cowls look super weird when you wear them with a t-shirt.

I’d like to think of this as a sort of “good vibes” hat– I’m hoping that our friend feels loved and cheered every time she wears it!  And if you’d like to pass along the good vibes, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks, friends!

What are your weekend plans?  Are you going to party hearty or work like busy bees?  I was planning on doing a lot of sewing and knitting, but it’s been a really long week and now I kinda feel like this:

Ennui encapsulated.

21 responses

  1. Man Friend is wrong; you are Adorable! I absolutely love this set! I’d never noticed this pattern before – I may have to check it out, as well as the Lima. This is a very special gift. I’m sure your friend will be touched.


  2. What a thoughtful gift for your friend – practical and chic and will help her through this hard time. I was thinking cute photo when it popped up! It’s so hard to know where to look in these self portraits! I don’t think I’ll ever get it right!


  3. What a cute puppy picture! It makes me want to abandon my ambitious sewing plans for the weekend and cuddle up with my dogs in a sunny window. Your gift looks great, and I would say that “adorkable” is a compliment. 🙂 Dorky, nerdy people are the cutest!


  4. Super sweet knitting and pictures (nothing wrong with your modelling – it’s a perfectly lovely look!) As you know that is one of my favorite colours, so I was bound to like it. The wool does look so soft & lovely though & it’s such a thoughtful gift. Nice one!


  5. You can tell Man Friend that “adorkable” is the new “Hot & Sexy” – you look great. What a lovely gift for your friend. The colour is beatiful and the items are stylish. I’m sure the good intentions will be felt by her and that it will make the chemo all the more bearable. I’ll be sending good vibes her way.


  6. Aw, no, I think you look cute & happy! I’d be happy too, if I was wearing that hat 🙂 Your friend will totally love it – the color is delectable & the description of the yarn sounds so yummy!


  7. AW such beautiful knits! I think there’s something really wonderful about being able to give a friend something made with love, when you know their going through hard-times.


  8. what a lovely and thoughtful gift! i’m sure your friend will love and appreciate it very much.

    and i think you look good in that photo but mischievous and quirky too; maybe that’s what Man Friend meant. 🙂


    • Thanks very much! I honestly never know where to look in photos and so I’m always kind of smirking off to the side… maybe I would feel less shy if I had a tripod and a camera with a timer? Your photos are always so lovely!


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