Costume Party: The Artist

Hi, friends!  It’s Oscar Week– are you guys excited???  You may not know this about me, but I’m a bigtime movie fan (who isn’t, right?).  I moved to Hollywood at the tender age of 18 to study the movies, worked at a studio after graduating from college, and now I work in film & TV here in NYC, so I always get REALLY pumped up about the Oscars!  So, to celebrate, whaddaya say we ogle some costumes from the Academy Award-nominated film The Artist? *

Look at me, a simple girl in a gorgeous silk, two-piece dress, ready to conquer the world (or at least look adorable riding a streetcar)!

First, a quick plug.  Guys, if you love movies, if you love old Hollywood, if you love ’20’s fashion, and especially if you love adorable dogs, you will LOVE this movie!  I’ve already seen it twice and can’t wait to see it again!  OK, I’m done gushing… wait, maybe just for one minute more!  It’s just a really lovely film, and I strongly recommend it– it made me want to board the next flight back to LA!

This. Girl. Is. Literally. Too. Cute. This is the outfit she wears to play tennis in one of her movies-within-the-movie... I've never looked this good in my life, let alone after playing tennis!

Now, let’s talk costumes!  I’ve always been really drawn to the fashion of the 1920’s– it’s youthful and fresh, and somehow tomboyish and glamorous at the same time (all things I like to imagine that I am!  haha!).  Bérénice Bejo wears the most gorgeous ’20’s frocks in the movie, and I love the way her wardrobe changes with her as she transitions from a lovable girl-next-door to a Hollywood star.

Here's her costume as a background dancer... Look at that gorgeous dropped waist and beadwork!

A closer look at this costume. I like the illusion panel in the v-neck-- a great way to make a dramatic style a bit more modest!

Any favorites dresses from this movie?  How would you incorporate some of these design elements into your own makes?

This rounded, semi-scoop back is so flattering!

What are your favorite movies for costume inspiration?  I loved seeing this week’s challenge at Sew Weekly— hop on over there and check it out, if you haven’t already.  Lavender’s two-piece get-up inspired by The Graduate is one of my favorites this week… gotta love that leopard print!

* Obviously none of these images are my own– they’re all stills pulled from the movie’s website.

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  1. I have to admit I haven’t heard of this one, because I never go to the movies. I just can’t sit still that long! But these costumes are making me drool, so I will definitely put it on my Netflix queue (lame, I know)!


    • Haha, that’s not lame at all! I have a hard time sitting still for movies if I’m not at the theater where NOTHING can distract me! I think that’s why I’ve really gotten addicted to knitting– I sit with the laptop on my lap, knitting, while I watch TV or talk with husbie at home (poor guy, he never gets my undivided attention… mainly because it doesn’t exist!), and I get up all the time to take snack breaks or to wander around the house. 🙂


  2. I haven’t heard of the film but I’ve just read all about it on Wiki! Now I now why there have been so many Radio 4 programmes recently about the transition from silent films to talkies and how it ended some of the careers of silent film stars. Fascinating!! I love looking at costumes in films now – funny how you notice these things more when you sew!


    • Isn’t it funny? I didn’t pay much attention at all to wardrobe or costumes before I started sewing! It’s so interesting to look at fashions from different eras and see what they say about the people that wore them. And it’s also interesting to see, in movies, how much the costumes shape the viewer’s perception of the character.


  3. Thank you ginger. Wonderful pictures if wonderful costumes and great to find out about you and how you took your passion for film and succeeded in joining the industry. So many of us have dreams and never do anything about them! So huge admiration. But sorry this was about costumes and I loved it! Thank you


    • Gee, thanks! I work in a fairly mundane part of the industry, so it’s not too exciting (and I still haven’t had a chance to make the Oscar acceptance speech I’ve been practicing for the last ten years… heeheeheee). My feeling when I moved to California was that I would try to make this dream happen, but hey, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be no worse off than I would’ve been if I hadn’t tried!


  4. I’m a huge movie fan too, having taken Film Studies at University, so I do get very excited about the Oscars…part of me thinks this has a lot to do with the pretty frocks though ;o) I have still not seen The Artist, but really, really want to…looks stunning!


  5. I’ve heard great things about this film and the stills you pulled from the website have me convinced that this is a must see – thanks for sharing! Funny, I had an accidental brief stint in the film & TV industry, on the legal side of things. Nothing as exciting as production or creative work, which I assume is what you do 🙂


    • You should watch it! That’s so cool that you worked in the industry, too! I work in locations, so I split my time between scouting and standing around on set. I have a great admiration for anyone with legal knowledge– I don’t know how you guys know SO MUCH!


  6. Aw, shucks 🙂 I still haven’t seen it, but oh do I intend to!!! I spend so much time watching movies, it’s kind of embarrassing. Did I mention we got married in a movie theatre? It made perfect sense for us. You’re a location scout?! You rock! So wish I worked behind the scenes, but don’t want to go back to school for RTF. 20s fashions were my first love, but they don’t work with my curves at all 😦 I want to see you all dolled up with finger waves!


    • Oh wow, that sounds like an amazing wedding! How fun! You definitely don’t need to go to school to work in film… it might be able to help you make connections, maybe, but everything I do at work I learned on the job.


  7. Ginger, I love that you work in film and TV yet have such a knack for sewing! My favorite movie for costumes inspiration is a little cliche but Grace Kelly in Rear Window is so chic. All her costumes are so refined yet glamorous, just as she is.

    P.S. I hope Hugo wins all the awards! I loved that movie even though it was a little childish 🙂


    • Oh, GK’s dresses in Rear Window are GORGEOUS! The green suit with the ivory halter top underneath, the dress with the black bodice and the white skirt… sigh… lovely!

      Hugo was really fun. I especially liked the recreations of the Méliès sets… so cool!


  8. I got nominated for a Liebster blog award, and I wanted to pass it on to you. If you are into that kind of thing, then feel free to play along. Otherwise, just know I enjoy reading your blog.


  9. Those dresses are gorgeous! I’m totally inspired by the 1920’s right now and trying to think up a dress to make like that!


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