I’m Baaaaack + Dwarf Fortress Hat

Hi, guys!  Thank you all for your advice and kind words after I posted about feeling exhausted— I took some time for myself and am feeling much more relaxed and rejuvenated now.  I even took a long weekend away!  I went to Utah this past weekend to do a little skiing with the Man Friend, his brother, his best friend, and some old friends of the Family Man Friend (yes, as usual, it was me surrounded by a thundering herd of bros… sigh…).  Dude overdose aside, we had a great time, and enjoyed the heaps and heaps of powder snow that fell from the heavens without ceasing the whole time we were there!

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to skiing (learned a couple of years ago?), but the boys are old pros and I HATE to lag behind, so I fall.  A LOT.  Like this:

Wait, I'm supposed to remain upright on the skis at ALL times?

Or like this:

Hooray for helmets!

Wait a minute… after reviewing the photos from the weekend, there isn’t a single one of me actually SKIING!  Don’t worry– there’s a large collection of me collapsed in various sad poses.  Thanks a lot, husbie [SHAKES FIST AT THE SKY]!

Because I’m a good sister-in-law, I made a little gift for my bro-in-law.  His obsession over the last year or so has been a game called Dwarf Fortress.  Don’t ask me to explain what it is or how you play it– I’m not THAT good of a sister-in-law (and I black out when people explain things for longer than, oh, 9 seconds?).  All I know is that there is a little dwarf-y guy that’s a big deal, and b-i-l loves to use it as his avatar for stuff, so I decided to make him a little hat with the design.

Look out, there are dwarves! Right there! On your head!!

It looks a little crummy here, but it’s a bit nicer in person.  I used Cascade 220, my old stand-by, and just did the dwarf design in duplicate stitch.  If anyone wants the pattern, I’d be happy to write it up.

And yes, ladies, he's single. With a motorcycle.

So yeah… a nice and easy, dumb project… it felt good to make something silly!

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Any fun plans or projects?  I finally caught up with my bursting-at-the-seams blogroll today– you guys have been BUSY!  And have been cranking out some cool stuff!  It’s been really fun checking in with everybody to see what you’ve been up to!

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  1. Aw cute photo of you covered in snow! You’re braver than me – too scared to attempt anything like ski-ing. That’s an awesome hat as well – you’re so generous!


  2. You do look totally adorable! For the top one, you should just pretend you’re being a snow kitten. Rawr!

    Awesome hat! Did he love it? He is pretty cute, even with the spiderman action going on there on the zip-up 🙂


  3. Yep, your skiing photos are exactly the reason I don’t ski. 😉 Being a klutz already, I fall enough on my own without having to add freezing temperatures and steep hills to that. 😉

    And that’s such a cute hat! Knitting is one of those things that I really wish I was proficient at (I can knit a scarf on a knitting loom), but being a full-time college student really cuts into the fun hobby time. 😉


    • I took up crocheting (which I can’t remember anymore) right after I graduated from college– after working nearly full-time in college while enrolled full-time, I felt like I had SO MUCH TIME when I was just working! Who knows what awesome hobbies you’ll pick up when you have more free time?! 🙂


  4. Ahahahaha at the pictures!! I’m sure there are some similar ones of me on a childhood trip to MA. I was too much of a sucker to ski BUT I did sled some monster hills that sent me flying, lol.
    Both b-i-l and his hat are cute ;o)


  5. That reminds me of the one time I tried snowboarding. um, it hurt to fall down so much! So glad you had a nice time! That hat is so fabulous…what a great idea!


  6. ha ha ha!! awh, it looks like you had a blast. 🙂 i LIVE in utah and haven’t made it into the mountains this year!! kind of for the same reason that everyone else is stating – it’s exhausting and hard and i fall a lot.

    that’s a great hat and you’re a trooper for doing duplicate stitch. that is something i’ve never attempted.

    glad you’re back!


    • I actually found the duplicate stitch kind of soothing! I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, but it was pretty relaxing overall.

      UT is so beautiful– the mountains were really amazing!


  7. Ginger! You’re back! I’m so glad you feel rested and rejuvenated. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries. I love the hat you made for your brother-in-law and I’m exciting to see what you will be creating next 🙂


  8. Ha ha! What an awesome hat!
    Great ski stories & pictures too- you are funny! I can only be jealous as we were supposed to be going this last week, but didn’t. But have booked our next one already so that’s OK.


  9. If it’s any consolation I once skied under a house… and my Mum skied into the back of a van full of people. Oh yeah. We’re pro’s at making other snow-lovers laugh. I’m so jealous you can knit a beanie! I only started last year and can knit in a straight line? My dream is to knit some of the slippers, one day!


    • Oh wow, that sounds amazing (especially the van full of people)! It’s not too much harder to knit in a circle than it is to knit in a straight line. I bet you’ll pick it up quickly!


  10. awesome!!! so glad you’re back!!

    dude. skiing looks haaarrrddddd. I’ve never been. Probably due to my aversion to falling…

    Really like the teeny dwarf hat – you’re such a good SIL !!!


  11. So glad you’re feeling refreshed 🙂 Those ski pictures are too cute! I’ve never tried skiing but I’m certain I’d spend way more time on the ground than up on the skis!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Participation is optional. Details on my blog 🙂 The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee


  12. Hahaha I’m glad you had fun skiing! I’ve never been and am pretty sure I would break something, so I stick to snowshoeing. Getting a good dose of wintery fresh air is often the trick to clearing my head. I have never heard of that video game but the hat is awesome! Congrats!


    • Snowshoeing seems fun, too! It seems like it would be so nice and meditative! You’re right– getting outside when it’s cold can be just what you need to sort out your thoughts and get rid of the blahs! One of my favorite things about skiing is how quiet it is. The snow muffles sound and you can really be alone with your thoughts… sometimes it’s just what you need! 🙂


  13. Stop making me want to learn to knit, okay? I shut down when people start talking gaming, but the hat is so cute. Thank goodness for helmets 🙂 I taught Mr. how to ski last winter (what Mainer doesn’t already know?), and was so surprised that practically everyone wore a helmet. Obviously I hadn’t been in years, but I remember helmets being such a rarity back in the day.


    • Do it!! I looooooove knitting… it’s so satisfying (and a bit more social than sewing, for me anyways… I can’t really multitask when I’m sewing).

      I’ve never worn a helmet skiing on the east coast, but we (reluctantly) bought them to ski out west (figured the mountains were a little scarier out there). I guess that safety is more important than looking cool… sigh…


  14. how funny are you pimping out your bro-in-law in the comments 😉
    Cheers for the comment on my hat, I think you win though! Duplicate stitch is where you sorta darn on top of your knitting right?
    p.s. if you fall alot and anyone convinces you to try snowboarding – be warned; it hurts so much when you repeatedly fall down with no warning on the exact same spot at the base of your spine! That said, while upright its a lotta fun… but i found it much harder to get hang of than skiing.


    • Haha, lucky for me he doesn’t read my blog!

      Yeh, for duplicate stitch you just come up and over one leg of the stitch with your needle and then go down and over the second leg– super easy. The duplicate stitched area is twice as thick and much stiffer, so that’s something to take into consideration (might not be so fun, say, across the chest of a sweater).

      Snowboarding seems sooooo cool… but I know I’d spend all day on my butt! But man, do folks ever look rad doing it!


  15. Love the skiing pics – it looks like a fun weekend. I like the hat too. I love the way knitters are appropriating things like game avatars into knitting. Kind of a cool combination of craft and modern gaming….I am half way through a space invaders scarf for my son. But don’t have anytime to finish it at the present. xx PS: I nominated you for a Sunshine Award over on my blog, it is a couple of posts back. I hope you don’t mind – I know some people aren’t keen on blog awards, but it is meant as a compliment!


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