Ginger Made: Pajama* Party, or, the Pink Nightmare Pajamas!

Hooray!  I made pajamas!!  Happy Pyjama Party Day, everyone!

Look how happy!!!

I’m so pumped up about these pajamas– I love them!  The pants are made from Simplicity 2116, and the top is Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank.  The pants were super easy to put together (although definitely MUCH easier if you don’t sew when you’re sleepy and sew your French seams inside out… TWICE… so much unpicking!!).  The fit was a bit granny-panty (who wants super high-waisted PJ’s?  not me!), so I folded down the waistband once more before inserting the elastic.  Easy!  The more astute reader may be asking, “Ginger, why does your Tiny Pocket Tank not have a tiny pocket?”  I ran out of time!  I finished up the top this morning and barely had time to snap a couple of pics before jumping in the car and blasting to Philly to meet up with my brother-in-law.  So I’m posting late in the day, but hey, it’s still officially “Pyjama Party” day here in the States!

Do people actually sleep in curlers? Is that even possible? It's like having tin cans strapped to your head! But man are they hillllllaaaaarious!

  This was a great exercise in stash-busting for me– I bought this lovely cotton-silk blend in Paris last summer.  It was in a bargain bin with 3m lengths for 10 euros at Les Coupons Saint-Pierre, and I’ve been saving it with the intention of making a dress.  But with all this talk around the internet about cake vs. frosting and making clothes that you will actually wear, I was inspired to cut into this for pajamas and I’m so glad I did!  And let’s be honest– lil ol’ tomboy me wouldn’t get much wear out of a cotton candy pink dress!  And dude… I spend A LOT of time in my pajamas.  Like, as much as possible.  I get home from work, walk the dog, and then it’s into PJ’s for the rest of the night!

This is actually my second Tiny Pocket Tank– it’s a lovely pattern, but I have been swamped lately and have been using every spare minute to sew, so haven’t had a chance to take photos.  I’ll review it properly soon, I promise!

Thanks VERY much to Karen for hosting this sewalong– I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much fun!  Speaking of fun, I’m really excited to check out all your PJ posts tomorrow when I get back into town!  I’m especially excited to hear what you’ve been reading lately!  I must confess… I haven’t been able to read anything longer than New Yorker articles lately!  When I’m working on a TV show, I generally fall asleep the second I get into bed, but I’m really excited to do some reading after I wrap next week!  Bossypants is first up on my list, and I’m hoping to finish Moby Dick— I’ve been in the middle of it for a year or two and just haven’t had the time to devote to finishing.  The time I read a book was back in February when I was laid off for a couple of weeks, and I read Bel Canto.  It’s a lovely and unusual novel– I definitely recommend it!

Yay!  I’m so glad I got to party with you guys!  Can’t wait to see all your jammies!

* Can’t quite bring myself to spell it “pyjamas”… feels a bit inauthentic to an American gal like myself!

56 responses

  1. Glad you called them “pajamas” from one American girl to another. I love when it’s spelled with a “y” but it always makes me giggle. I like the tank + pants combo, and silk cotton sounds delicious for sleeping.


  2. love the pretty pink pjs and those adorable slippers. The best are your pink rollers, brings back memories of when I used to sleep with rollers in my hair when I was a teen 🙂


  3. Too cute ! The PJs look great and I love the curler look ! How cute are the rabbit slippers – I want !
    I didnt get my PJs finished as made em from silk, that stuff slips and I cant bear to sew them !


  4. Pretty in pink! Cuteness all around.

    I changed from ‘pyjama’ to ‘pajama’ four times in my last post. I finally stuck with the first one because I was too lazy to change them all.


  5. They look really comfy! And kudos to you for using the silk blend-I think all ladies should have something luxurious to sleep in every so often! 😉
    (p.s. the curlers are hilarious!)


  6. YES ROLLERS! i was wishing i had some to pose with! as a kid i slept in those huge plastic jobs whenever i wanted my hair straight. (yep.) NOT a good night’s sleep.

    i love your PJ couture! pjs must always be as fun as outside clothes! and speaking of outside clothes, that midriff baring dress is you. haven’t had a chance to read the comments but i hope they’ve swayed you to yes.


  7. I’ve sewn my French seams inside out before twice as well. The second time I did it I got grumpy with myself and simply sewed a 3-seam-French-seam. I kid you not!


  8. They are beautiful jammies, especially the sweet little matching ribbon!
    p.s.-I work in tv, too, and man, is it not the biggest time suck ever? Just gotta be grateful to be working, I guess 🙂


    • Oh my gah– I keep telling myself how glad I am to have a job. But holy cow, sometimes I feel like I’ll be tired every day for the rest of my life! I’d love to hear more about your job!


  9. I freaking love your jammies!!! And holy cow, those curlers! Do you actually own them for realz, or was this a prop buy from the dollar general? Because if you own huge pink curlers, you are just too cool for school, girl. Even on pj day. And I love the Pound Puppy!!! Side note… my mom set my hair in rollers the night before the first day of kindergarten. Um, thanks, mom. Setting me up for life, are you? I looked crazy.


    • This was a prop buy, but I’ve dabbled in pink rollers for sure! I tried (like, a year ago) those pink foamy ones– let’s just say that ’80’s schoolteacher isn’t a good look on me. I remember my mom crimping my hair because she refused to let me get a perm when the cool girls in my 2nd grade class got them. Moms are so mean.


  10. ooooh ! cute and pretty pink PJ’s…am jealous

    (I also had a nightmare with seams and unpicking – should have listened to my boy “you can’t make PJ’s mummy” “why not ?” “because you are still asleep” !!)


    • Oh my gosh, that is so funny! Out of the mouths of babes, as they say! Sorry you had such a rough time– it’s so depressing having to unpick so much! Although sometimes I think it can be good for me to stop and unpick– it forces me to SLOW DOWN and be careful!


  11. Whew, I finally made it over here! Silk-cotton? Wazoo! That is a great score and must feel awesome for pj’s. (Why oh why did I not buy meters and meters of fabric when I lived in Paris?! {kicks self}). They look great, but I do not envy you unpicking French seams; that’s like a whole new level of masochism.


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  13. I love the pjs! The curlers and slippers definitely make the outfit complete. I think a lot of women went to sleep in curlers ages ago…poor things. I wouldn’t sleep in curlers no matter what!


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