Meet My Little Brother!

Guys.  Wanna see some guts?

I knew you would.  You’re gross.

Look, a beautiful French seam!  See how neat and tidy?

A little tab to differentiate front from back (in a matching pink, to boot)!  But wait– what’s that goodness there?

What, this old thing?  Oh, it’s nothing… only a NEATLY OVERLOCKED CROTCH SEAM.

That’s right.  I HAVE A SERGER NOW.

OK.  Take a deep breath.  BWAAAAAHHHHHH I HAVE A SERGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell that I’m REALLY excited about this?

My favoritest little brother (and yes, I have two ACTUAL little brothers... sorry, guys, but you've never serged beautiful, perfect seams for me AND you forget my birthday, so...)

It’s the Brother 1034D, and it’s quite the reasonable fellow (with shockingly good reviews on Amazon!).  I’ve been eyeballing it for quite some time, and after Gail bought the same model and loved it, I decided I HAD to have it.  HAD to.  I opened up the box, got really scared by all the parts and the manual.  The DVDs provided with the machine wouldn’t really play correctly on my Mac, but I found this easy tutorial from Artist Kae on Youtube, and I was serging in about 10 minutes!  Thanks for sharing the video, gal!  I may have been jumping up and down and shouting like a lunatic after I serged the crotch seam.  It’s just so… perfect?  Clean?  Elegant?  FANCY?  I’m in love!

What are you guys up to?  Cookin’ up any big projects?  I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see photos of Maddie’s dress!  And I’m still making my way through your PJ posts– so, so cute!  I can’t believe how fun that was!

50 responses

  1. big huge YAYYYYYYY! I’m so happy for you! You are going to love having this baby! Weird though – I’m on a Mac too, and the DVDs played fine for me. Go figure!

    Love your new jammies!


  2. Jealous!!! I have a Brother sewing machine and love it. If I get a serger I would like to get a Brother one as well. You will have to let me know what you think of it as you do more work with it.


  3. Hooray! My neighbor has that exact same serger and uses it for everything. She loves it! In fact, her raving about her serger is what put the idea of a serger in my head. I see a lot of lovely seams in your future!


  4. *drooling* I need a new serger so badly! I love that yours has a little catch all tray. My serger waste bits collect on my lap when I sew haha! Definitely going to write down this model for later use 😉


  5. you know what i love about us sewing folk?! we get so excited about things like this… (And rightly so I might add – YAY for your new little brother!!!) but have you ever tried to explain to someone who doesn’t sew why you have 2 machines and show them some serging/overlocking on whatever item of clothing is handy and they’ve never even noticed that there’s different types of stitching going on in there!!!


    • Hahahaha, I had the serger delivered to my office, and my coworkers were all very curious about what could be in such a large box, so I was trying to explain and flipping up my shirt hem to try to show them serging. I don’t think they understood at all, and were AMAZED that I wanted another machine! I love that all of you guys GET IT. 🙂


  6. You are too too nice! I so can’t wait to show you my dress too! We had a photoshoot last Friday in Florida and I’m sure you saw some of the pictures on my Facebook page. We shot for twelve hours and I can honestly say that it was more fun than the wedding itself. The set where I’m wearing my dress involves a dog! That’s right, a dog!

    I wish I was in Philadelphia when you were. Next time you’re here, definitely let me know and we can meet up!


  7. Ahhh we have the same serger/ overlocker! I just got my new man as well… his name is Locklan (deliberate misspelling… getit?). Doesn’t it make life just so much easier? And love your French seam too, beautiful.


  8. I could look at those guts all day. All day. Show me some more.

    Actually, tell me some more. Get fancy with the serged rolled hem feature on that sucker, and tell me how it performs. On the airiest fabric you can get your dirty hands on. Because I’m in the market, and though I long for a BabyLock, it’s just out of reach at the mo’. Who am I kidding… probably always.


      • Right! For a $1000 discount, I can thread my own serger. You’ll own that machine in a few days 🙂 My mom made me learn to thread hers before I could lay my hands on it, and I had zero patience as a wee one.


  9. Thanks for the video link. That is helpful to me, as I own this machine. So now I’m motivated to take it out of the box and get going already!


  10. Now that’s the best sort of Little Brother and not the type that leaves frogs in your bed and steals your chocolate…wishing you every happiness with your new family member !


  11. Congratulations!! I’m part of the Brother family too!! Its such a great little machine – never gives me any problems – always happily chomps away at whatever I throw at it! And it can do tricks!! Try the rolled hem on thin fabrics…


  12. This is the same serger I want! It’s been in my amazon cart ever since Suzie from Su Sews So-So got one. I AM SO JEALOUS!


  13. Congrats!! That is so exciting! And way to jump right in – It took me a really long time to not be scared of my serger. I’d even take my entry-level Singer into a local sewing shop to get threaded and to have them adjust the tension. Now I can’t believe I did that.

    The insides of your jammies look beautiful! That tab is a great idea.


    • Thanks, lady! If I had waited a little, I would have seen that Karen makes a longer tab thingy for her PJ’s so she can use it as a hanging loop– she’s so smart!


  14. OH THE ENVY!!!! Seriously gorgeous seams there – and seriously jealous of your awesomeness over here. Congrats on conquering the serger!


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