Me-Made-May ’12: Day 1!

OK, OK, I promise I’ll stop flooding your readers with posts, but I’m really excited that I remembered to do a me-made outfit today!

Kindly disregard my dopey-looking face. (photo by Ryan)

  • shirt: J. Crew
  • sweater: me-made Twenty Ten cardigan
  • too-short jeans: Uniqlo
  • shoes: Onitsuka Tiger by Asics
  • bag: Vespa
  • location: Long Island City, just a few doors down from where I lunched with coworkers (Alobar… try the beer-battered bacon, if you dare!)

This is my favorite sweater ever– I wear it as often as possible (but not quite as often as I’d like because I’m afraid of wearing it out)!  I like that I can wear it with the collar buttoned up or down, and I love that it has short sleeves– they keep me from overheating in 100% wool!  It was raining cats and pugs dogs this morning, so I thought I could squeeze one more sweater day in before it’s officially too warm.

The one bad thing about this sweater is that I only have two shirts I can wear under it, so it’s always styled the same way.  I guess the flip side of that is that now I know a hole in my wardrobe that I can fill– long-sleeved t’s!

How was your first day ‘o’ Me-Made-May ’12?  I hope it was splendid, inspired, and energizing!  Oh, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Scruffy Badger’s first day post— I think you’re gonna like it!

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    • DO IT. I’m such a pusher for knitting, but honestly, it’s so fun, and it’s such a nice way to unwind after work! And it’s more social than sewing– you can totally hang out with your hubs while you knit! Do it!


  1. Well done for taking the plunge and signing up ! I totally wanted too but would struggle for a whole month with my limited hand sewn wardrobe. Next time for sure. I can totally see why you love this cardigan IT IS AMAZING !!
    I would be worried about wearing it out with over-wear too. Such an excellent job you made of it, I am envious ! I so wish I could knit that well. I loved the SB post today especially as she featured one of my favourite patterns right now, the B5747. LOVE THAT. And I am totally using it to make a sailor inspired dress ! Cant wait to see what you wear during the rest of the May Challenge. PS you NEVER look dopey, only beautiful ! :-)) xx


  2. Cool sweater! Now I’ve started knitting I’ve been thinking about how to find all the cool knitting patterns I’ll want to make. Seeing your stuff popping up on my reader will help I’m sure!
    I love how you paired the grey with bright yellow 🙂


  3. Yeah, I want that sweater. You look amazing in it. I think it would look nice with a light long-sleeved blouse or a long sleeved a-line dress… So far I’ve only made scarves (but with fancy stitches!) but I have already decided this will be my next knitting project. Inspired by you! Knitting is so portable, I need to remember that whenever I contemplate lugging my sewing machine on a weekend trip…


    • Ooh, great suggestion! I hadn’t thought of wearing it over a dress! You could definitely make this! The directions are really clear and easy to follow, so I bet you’d have great results! The worst thing about it was sewing on all the buttons!


  4. love the cardi! good job I’m an ocean away, or else I’d find a way to sneak into your wardrobe and make away with it. Instead, I might try to make one for myself. x


  5. Great First MMM outfit! I love that sweater!!! Man… I really need to get off my butt and learn how to knit (it just looks so haaaarrrrddddd!!!!)


    • Gal, it’s WAY easier than tailoring a jacket or drafting a fly for trousers. You’d be ALL OVER knitting. Do it! Although– it’s not super fun to knit on hot days, so maybe you can start thinking about that come fall/winter…


    • It’s pretty scratchy (much more so than, say, Cascade 220)– I would never wear it without something underneath. But you’re right– it wears really well, and I love its texture (not a big fan of sweaters that look spongey, if you know what I mean). Plus it’s super cheap, so that’s a plus.

      Thanks! I wear them ALLLL the time. 🙂


    • Oh, no! How painful! I try not to do marathon knitting as I’ve heard you can end up with carpal tunnel, and sometimes I worry that I’m straining my eyes too much sewing and knitting all the time! Who knew there were so many hazards in the self-stitched lifestyle?! (We won’t even address the budget hazards!!)


  6. Your sweater made me sigh like a little girl looking at a piece of candy. It is positively DIVINE and I love it paired with the yellow shirt. Seriously a stunning piece – I can see why you love it so much!


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