Me-Made-May ’12: Day 3!

Oh hey, hi, it’s day 3!  Are we having fun yet???

OK, so I don’t make my bed. Why you gotta be judging me??

Sorry for the crappy pic– I’m off work today and didn’t have anybody around to snap a photo.  😦

top: me-made Strawberry Sorbetto

cardigan: Brooklyn Industries

jeans: same old Levi’s from yesterday

I have to say– it was really hard to get dressed up today!  I spent the day cleaning the apartment and at the laundromat, so I felt a bit overdressed.

This Sorbetto was one of my first makes, and I really bungled it!  The seams are terrible and we won’t even talk about what the insides look like!  But I still love the fabric and it’s such a nice color.

Do you have any imperfect projects that you still love?

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  1. The very first dress I made! I totally messed up the zip and the pattern doesn’t match at all, but I love in anyway 🙂

    Your sorbetto is very cute BTW. Did you make any headway on the iris shorts?


    • I did, actually! I figured out that lengthening the crotch helps quite a bit. I have some weird diagonal stress lines that I need to figure out what’s going on with, and I think I’m going to have to redraw the waistband, unfortunately. I’m more rectangular below my true waist, so when the top of the waistband fits, the bottoms pooches out, if that makes sense. My weekend project, I think!


  2. Your sorbetto is so cute, I love the fabric.

    Most of my projects have at least a little imperfection here or there, and I still wear them all the time! The two blouses I spent the most time perfecting are the ones I never wear… argh! They just don’t fit right–but I’m learning 🙂


  3. I was just thinking about this today… I have a couple of skirts in my closet that I love, despite the wonky seams, total lack of finishing, etc. Unfortunately they all need to be taken in, so I’m spending some time fixing them up. I love your top – can’t tell at all that it has any issues.


  4. Love the outfit – the colour of that top really is lovely. I bungled my ginger skirt when I inserted the lining around the invisible zip – but I still wear it and I’ve learnt the hard way how not to insert a lining with an invisible zip!


    • The learning process is usually the most important thing I take away from a project! I’m impressed that you can do a lining/invisible zip combo! I tried it and goofed it up pretty bad…


  5. You look great!

    Oh yes do I have projects that I’m not proud about – ones that I used different color thread or the quickest technique possible – but who cares! No one is going to see the inside!


  6. I don’t make my bed either, except for an occasional Saturday or Sunday when we may have company. Soooo what, call me lazy.
    Cute outfit! So far all of my clothing items have been imperfect. But I love them anyway cuz they were made by little ol’ me!


  7. I don’t make my bed. Except when I change the sheets.

    This is such a cheery outfit! Pretty much everything I’ve ever made has some hidden bungle that I’m not so fond of!! They just keep getting smaller (hopefully one day they’ll disappear!) But all my earlier garments are the same as yours – some funny seams, some shredding on the inside – but a bunch of them I still love and wear all the time!!


  8. isn’t it weird how it’s funny to wear your own stuff on chore days? yet if you bought that outfit at F21 wouldn’t you throw it on in a second? i would. if i could run out right now and buy your outfit of happiness i’d wear it out of the store.


    • I would totally just bang around in that if I F21’ed it. Isn’t it funny how me-mades become so… precious? I guess that’s a good thing, so long as it isn’t keeping us from WEARING them!


    • Thanks, gal! I’m glad I’m not the only sloth. I do kinda pull the comforter over the mess in case the dog decides to snooze on the bed while I’m at work, but that’s about it.


  9. I never made my bed as a kid – it was a day bed/box bed that made it really difficult to tuck in, so my mom decided it wasn’t worth it. But for the past year I’ve started making it (just smoothing the sheets and pulling the blanket over the pillows, no tucking or anything). Not sure why… it’s a mystery. But, I prefer rumpled beds. Made up or not, I like to see some wrinkles and imperfections, otherwise it’s kind of creepy and makes me feel like I’m looking at a catalog.
    The pink and red look very nice on you, and I like the length. When I clicked through to your original Sorbetto post I realized you lengthened it, so that must be why!


  10. I love the color of your Sorbetto! I can definitely see why you keep wearing it – it’s just too fun to let sit unworn. My first project that I was really horrified at was actually a Sorbetto, believe it or not – my bias trim is atrocious and the fabric was way too fragile to hand many wearings. I wear it for a nightshirt, but it’s definitely been pieced together several times – eep!


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