Me-Made-May ’12: Day 6!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

top: Brooklyn Industries

cardigan: Brooklyn Industries (haha, looks like I’m shilling for these guys… whoops!)

skirt: me-made Ginger skirt

shoes: Toms

location: Fifth Avenue, across from the legendary hotel, The Plaza

I have to say, this isn’t one of my favorite outfits.  I like the colors, but there’s something about tucking blouses into high-waisted skirts that makes me feel… matronly?  And A-line silhouettes just aren’t my favorite– I feel very conservative in them, especially paired with a cardigan like this.  I think that’s why I don’t get much wear out of my two Ginger skirts (that, and I don’t have much to wear with them).

How’s your weekend going?  Up to anything fun?

30 responses

  1. Oh no, I don’t think you look matronly at all in this! High-waisted skirts are difficult for me to pull off, as I’m so short in the torso, but you can totally rock this look! The colours are gorgeous together, very summery.


  2. You’re lucky that it’s warm enough for you to dress like this today! This is a great picture. I’d love it if you said where you are in all your location pics. I don’t know why you have reservations about this outfit – it looks lovely. I think a black and white thinnish striped Renfrew with the high neck would suit this colour skirt. It’s funny – I much prefer my cardigans to go in at the waist than the hip. I have a pile of cardi’s that I would love to alter in this way but probably won’t get around to!


  3. I think you look just as cute as you always do, but I can understand why you don’t feel comfortable, because it’s not your usual style! But you certainly don’t look matronly!


  4. I like the outfit but I understand how wearing it can look matronly. I try to add modern accessories – long necklaces, fun earring, boyfriend watch – to make it look more chic than conservative. Even without these pieces, your outfit still looks killer in my opinion!


  5. I don’t think you look matronly at all! The turquoise/red color combo looks very young and modern to me. Though I understand that if you don’t feel comfortable with the look of an outfit, it’s hard to enjoy it!

    Btw, thanks for the capris suggestion for my red fabric! It’s the best one I’ve gotten so far, and I’m trying to figure out if I can pull it off as a first attempt at my Clover pattern, since there’s no stretch to the fabric.


    • Ooh, good luck with the Clovers! I think they would be darling on you! I’m still afraid to try my hand at making the Clovers– so far the Iris shorts are proving to be quite the task for me!


  6. Love the colour scheme! I know what you mean about struggling with high-waisted skirts and tucking in tops. Actually, just finding a good skirt/ top combo is a never-ending struggle.


    • I think that’s why I usually gravitate towards making dresses, even though they’re tough to wear during the week. It’s a complete outfit in one piece! I think maybe the real issue is that I don’t have enough tops to wear with skirts.


  7. I think this is cute! Not at all matronly. The color combo is very young and modern! But, of course, if you’re not comfortable its no fun. Perhaps, you could change the silhouette slightly or raise the hem line to make it less conservative?


  8. I didn’t think maternal at all – but I did think you should be on a boat with your hair blowing in the wind 🙂 I love the high waisted skirt on you – I think you pull off the style and color so very well!!


  9. I concur with the above comments-you don’t look matronly at all! However, I get the A-line thing you talk about. I’ve always heard how universally flattering they are, but I just plain don’t like them on me. I made the ginger, but I’m passing the pattern onto a friend now, I don’t forsee making any more of them.


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