Me-Made-May ’12: Day 7!

I am PUMPED today.  Here’s why:

A careful observer will note photographic evidence of how long it’s taking Man Friend to put away his laundry (this basket appeared in the background on day 5).  An even more careful observer will note that I mentioned spending the day at the laundromat on day 3.  Any gamblin’ folks care to place a bet on when he’ll put this away?

top: a brand-spankin’-new Renfrew!  I literally cannot get enough of these tops.  Want.  More.  Renfrews.

corduroys: Delias

Dumb old man friend hasn’t been home before dark lately, so you get stuck with these lousy self-pics.  You can’t even see my cute red shoes!  Sniff, sniff…

This is a cheapo jersey from Chic Fabrics– I have no idea how/if it will hold up.  I love the bright blue, so I hope it does… but… it was super inexpensive, so, who knows?

I took a little field trip today!  Here I am at Brooklyn General:

Take the dang picture, lady!  I can’t focus when I’m around this much yarn!

Yep, I asked a stranger to take my picture.  The things I do for you people!  She decided to move in for a closer shot, which she decided was “cuter”, so no luck getting a full-outfit shot.  Oh well!

This is a nice neighborhood shop in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.  It’s got a relaxed vibe, which I appreciate, and they have great sales a couple of times a year (30% off the entire store!!).  Definitely a nice spot to visit if you’re in the area!

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  1. Cute shirt! I loved yarn shops when I could still knit. (Bad wrist.) Probably for the best I have one less expensive hobby.


  2. I’ve seen you make this shirt before. There’s nothing like a great basic. The blue and white will make it perfect for 4th of July. If man friend is anything like my brother, the laundry won’t be put away until the weekend. Oh men…


  3. I love the shirt – can never have too many striped tees! I’ve been meaning to get over to Brooklyn General forever – I’ve got $40-50 in a groupon and a gift card, I just can’t seem to make it happen.


  4. I love the stripey renfrew. it looks so good – you make me think Renfrew is a must-have pattern. I am thinking of getting it as a birthday present. From me to me! I wonder if Man friend is like the man in this house, who seems to think there are laundry fairies who come and put the dry washing away. 🙂


    • Heeheehee, sometimes the best gifts are the ones from yourself! Is that terrible? When I’m working a ton, Man Friend takes pride in “doing the laundry”… which to him means dropping it off and having the ladies at the local fluff & fold do it for him! Oh, well… at least I don’t have to do it when I’m too stressed!


  5. LOL at the laundry! My hubby will put his laundry away but hides his dirty stuff so I have to go on a hunt on laundry day! All of your Renfrews look great!!! I really need to just jump right into my Renfrews….I don’t know what I’m scared of.


    • Hahahaha… boys… what can you do with them? Yes, do it! Knits are pretty forgiving, so you can kind of stretch the pieces to fit even if you have trouble cutting them out (which is what happened with my first Renfrew– I totally botched the sleeves, but was able to kind of stretch them to fit and it worked out fine)! Good luck! I was super nervous about sewing with stretch fabric, but it’s not that hard.


  6. Yay! Congratulations on the new Renfrew! These look like such nice basic shirts. I hope it holds up for you because I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. And as a chronic leaver-of-laundry-about my guess is that your man friend will put his clothes away when I put mine away (which is to say NEVER! bwahahahaha!!!)


  7. Ooooh I like that Renfrew! Great fabric choice!

    If it makes you feel any better, my man-friend decided to sell all his cds on Amazon so he dragged them to my house & left them in my living room. There a LOT – I think he ended up getting $80 worth of credits, and the majority of the cds go for less than $1 – lots for, like $0.20. Stacks & stacks! And they’ve been piled in the room, in the middle of the floor, for about 2 weeks now. I can’t vacuum (oh, who am I kidding? I don’t vacuum regardless lol). He started to box them up last night to ship, but fell asleep on the couch instead so… yep, still there this morning. Ughhhhh hahaha.


    • Ack! Between my sewing mess and the boy’s hockey equipment (he sets it out to dry after his games twice a week) we’re basically buried under our own hobbies! One of these days we’re going to end up on Hoarders… nooooooooooooooo!


  8. Isn’t Renfrew seriously the BEST KNIT TOP EVER? I’ve only made one so far, but I have a feeling that a significant portion of my stashed knits are going to be devoted to this pattern! I hope yours holds up, because the blue is so cheery!


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  10. um, if your man is like mine weeks will go by and the laundry will either get used up or mixed up with dirty and eventually i will do more laundry, leaving the pile for him to put away again….

    LOVE LOVE the top. Where are you buying your knits? I’m having some bad luck (getting stuff that I think is too thin…). LOVE the stripes.


    • I bought this at knit at Chic Fabrics in NYC– it’s all very cheap, but not super high quality. The gray Renfrew I wore on day #2 was made with a double-knit from Mood.


    • Me, too. I’m knitting a cardigan right now (since MMM started, I’m realizing I’m lacking in that department!)– probably my last project until the fall. It gets sticky hot in my apartment and stays really hot, regardless of the outside temperature, until October or so. 😦


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