Ginger Made: Tiny Pocket Tank + Me-Made-May ’12: Day 8!

Another puggy cameo today!  Man Friend’s laundry is still in the same spot.

sweater: J. Crew

top: Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank, previously unblogged

jeans: Uniqlo

necklace: Rare Bird on Etsy

This was my first Tiny Pocket Tank (my second was the top in my Pink Nightmare Pajama set).  It’s a lovely pattern, but… I dove headfirst into sewing this, thinking, “eh, it’s a swingy top, no need to muslin!”.  Famous last words!  The shoulders were way too big, which I decided to fix with a box pleat in the back, but that wasn’t a very elegant solution.  And even worse, the armscyes are too tight and ride up in my armpits all. day. long.  I need to take off the armhole binding and lower it, but the fabric is pretty sheer and delicate and doesn’t take to seam ripping too well. I did a pretty awful job with the bias binding, too… hopefully it’s not too noticeable.

The fabric was labeled Liberty lawn (totally untrue– unless Liberty is now practically transparent and $8/yard).  It’s underlined with yellow cotton batiste that I had in my stash.  I was worried that the tank looked too much like PJ’s, but Gail suggested that I wear chunkier accessories with it, and I think that helps.

Despite the issues that I have with this, it’s really a nice pattern and I’m glad that I was able to work out my fitting issues before I made the second version.  I’m hoping I can fix this one enough to wear it comfortably because I really do like it.  Make one (or four)!

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  1. How did you find the bust darts on that one? I felt like mine were way too high when I made it for the first time. I also used far too stiff a fabric…


  2. Muahahahaha – I got you to do my bidding! OK, next time, I want you to wear it with a denim jacket, a tiered skirt, and some boots (leather, not snow).

    I’ve seen some really nice versions of this top (including yours – I like it!). I might have to make one, one of these days.


  3. I agree with you that the pattern makes up for any problems you may have had sewing it. I never thought that chunky accessories would help make the top look less pajama-y seeing it makes the statement true.


  4. I have LOVED your MMM posts ! But this is my favourite ! You look just too cute in this outfit. I love it ! xx
    I see your man friend is from the same mould as mine, in fact my man friends clothes stay where they are until they actually start growing mould ! I am looking forward to keeping an eye on the clothes situation throughout the month, it will be a little like playing ‘where’s wally’ !! (do you know that in the US ?). xxx


  5. The box pleat sounds like a good solution. I had a similar experience with the Grainline T – I thought “hm, it’s a loose t-shirt shape, surely it will fit! And the armscyes are too tight. Anyway! You tank looks great, especially with that necklace – I’ve had my eye on that for a while! “Tough” accessories are a good way to make something look a bit more grown up/ substantial. Lately any time I wear floral, out comes a spiky or industrial necklace to create balance. And boots. And possibly a leather jacket. Oh wait, is it the 90s? No? Hm.


    • Hahahaha– sometimes I feel like my fashion hasn’t progressed at all since the grunge years! I did a closet inventory at the beginning of MMM and noticed that all my buttondown shirts are plaid!

      Armscyes are often too tight on me– I wonder why that is. I have skinny arms (like, a 4 year-old could probably beat me in an arm wrestling match), so that’s not the problem…


    • I get so wrapped up in making pretty dresses sometimes that I neglect nice, basic pieces that I can wear every day! I’ve got a few more of these on deck… I know I’ll wear this quite a bit when the weather gets warmer.


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