Ginger Made: Boy Pajamas!

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for all your warm wishes– Man Friend is back in good health!  To celebrate that, and our 6th anniversary (tomorrow), I stitched him up a fancy new pair of PJ’s!

He’s quite the Star Wars fan, so I used a sheet set.  The fabric is really weird, some kind of strange, stiff poly-cotton blend, so maybe not the nicest for pajamas, but he loves the print, so I guess that’s OK.  Maybe they’ll get a little softer after washing them a few times.

Look at puggy adoring his pop!

As you can see, I made no attempt to match the print.  I probably should have positioned it a bit more strategically– it looks a bit sloppy.  Oh, well!  I also didn’t use a pattern– I planned to trace a pair of Man Friend’s pajamas, but I couldn’t find or he doesn’t own any actual pajama pants (just track pants or sweats… so fashionable…), so I traced a pair of sweatpants.  The sweats are a bit too big for him, I guess, cause these turned out a little large.

Bad news– Cap’n Crunch has defected to the Dark Side!

Man Friend requested that I not show his face to “cultivate an air of mystery” about him.  Hahaha!  Don’t you just want to know more about this mysterious, pajama-ed stranger??

Hope your weekends are going swimmingly!  I’m looking forward to jumping back into MMM tomorrow!

34 responses

  1. I showed this to my mister. You should have seen the offended look on his face as he said, “Where are *my* star wars pajamas?” Game’s called “You win!” Great job 🙂


    • Hahahaha! I don’t dare show my mister the western shirt you made for Mr. Dapper Duds! He’d want one right away and I have no idea how to handle something that complicated!


  2. These are awsome – I showed the pictures of them to my other half and he wanted to know why I’d never thought to make him a pair of Star Wars PJs! I think you may have started something now! There’s going to be a whole bloggospher of Star Wars PJ makes now. lol


  3. They’re brilliant! Thankfully my hubby doesn’t wear PJs but then I’ve never offered to replace the tracks he wears instead… And I wanna know what you’re making! I love the colour of the fabric on your ironing board!


  4. Hahaha!! What a mysterious man!! So funny. They look great! Pattern matching is overrated! Half a Millenium Falcon creeping out a butt seam is far more enjoyable…


  5. Love those pants! My hubby would die for a pair like that. 🙂 Btw, my mom always called our dates “man-type friends of the male persuasion”, so I love that you call your BF man friend! Enjoying your blog!


  6. Ha! Fabulous puns throughout that post and the pajamas came out really lovely! Sewing things for a guy is one thing that I miss about being in a relationship (but there’s a lot more stuff that I don’t miss! lol)

    Oh, and happy anniversary!


  7. ha ! I love a mystery man ! ;-)) Good job on the PJs and I love that Dug the pug likes to get in on the photo ops ! Congratulations for tomorrow. xxx


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