Me-Made-May ’12: Day 13!

I’m back!  I did my bare minimum MMM commitment of three days last week, but I’m hoping to do more this week.

Today is mine and Man Friend’s sixth wedding anniversary, and it was a beautiful, sunny day in NY.  We decided to celebrate our anniversary like most couples do– watching silent movies (a screening of Sunrise at the Nitehawk Cinema) and eating hot dogs (at the always-delicious Crif Dogs)!  An occasion so fancy requires a bit of dressing up, so I came up with this:

dress: me-made Lonsdale dress

sandals: Reef

bag: vintage (eBay)

location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, about a block away from the East River

I have mixed feelings about this dress.  I made it in September, I think, so I didn’t get much wear out of it before the weather turned cold.  I love the style– it’s so unique and pretty– but the print is just.  so.  loud.  I seldom wear prints, and this is so crazy!  Also, the cotton batting that I used for bust padding has gotten a little lumpy and weird.  So yeah.

Alright, to all you moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you have a lovely day (and your offspring brings you tons of presents)!

40 responses

  1. I LOVE that dress! I think it’s my favorite thing you’ve made (sewing-wise) and it looks fantastic on you!

    However, if you decide you really don’t like it, you can send it my way. With about another yard of bust padding.


  2. Outdoor photos! Awesome dress! Special occasion! Where is the pug? Nothing is complete without the pug. You know you’re only in my reader for the pug photos right? Only kidding (mostly).


      • It’s good when he wanders into your shots, very random + naturel. Which reminds me, someone had an accidental shot of their dog’s @$$ in one of their ‘make’ photos on their blog and I meant to photoshop that to have a censored sign on it.. XD Ah the internet, so much entertainment, so little time..


  3. I think your Lonsdale looks lovely on you! (BUt my brain must not have reset to warm weather yet after a long winter, because I just want to hand you a cardigan!) Glad you had a fun day and a reason to wear your bright dress!


  4. Sixth wedding anniversary eh? That’s so awesome, congrats!
    It’s weird how some prints we just aren’t comfortable with. I guess you don’t totally feel it’s “you”, but it does look great!


  5. So glad you worked your Lonsdale into your me made month! You can’t notice the loud print in the photo at all but I know what you mean about feeling conscious.


  6. I am so happy to see a lonsdale dress as it does sybolise summer…even if it is on a different continent…
    Yours is gorgeous, try to love the print, it is perfect for the style and looks amazing on you…happy anniversary too


    • Thanks, gal! Maybe that’s it– I feel sort of overwhelmed by the print! Maybe if I was taller it would seem more like I was wearing the print (instead of now, when I feel like the print is wearing me!)!


  7. Happy anniversary! 6 years – that’s pretty legit! 🙂

    I totally understand feeling uncomfortable in something that’s not “you” (especially when everyone else loves it & can’t understand why you don’t wear it every single day!), but that dress really does look great on you. Of course, I love loud prints so I’m biased 🙂 But the colors are fantastic & the fit looks beautiful from the picture, anyway 🙂


    • Maybe I’ll like this more later– sometimes that happens… something doesn’t feel like your style, but sometime down the road you pull it out and can’t believe you haven’t been wearing it all the time!


  8. Happy anniversary! I can’t believe you’ve been married 6 years – you don’t look old enough! Congratulations and I think the print looks ace on you. I’m the same when it comes to big prints and loud colours – I always feel a bit ‘out there’ but most of that’s in our heads. Put it this way – when was the last time you saw someone else in a loud print and thought oh god they look awful – you always think they look amazing, right? So do you 🙂


  9. Aw! I love that dress! Everyone should have a bright printed dress in their wardrobe for special occasion hot dog dates 😉 Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!!


  10. I adore the print! It just screams summer to me, though if you wanted to temper it down a bit, how about pairing it with a solid color shawl or bolero/shrug?? I think I may need to make one similar because yours is just divine to me 🙂


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