Me-Made-May ’12: Days 19 & 20!

Hi, guys!  Please pardon my absence– I spent Wednesday-Sunday in Baltimore visiting my sister and celebrating my brother-in-law’s med school graduation (congrats, Dr. J!).  I had big plans for last week, including a fancy new dress that I wanted to premiere at the graduation ceremony, buuuuuut… you know, sometimes things just take longer than you anticipate, the best-laid plans of mice and men, blah blah blah.  So instead of that, I have two really boring MMM outfits for you.

Day 19:

Just a couple of baby birdies waiting for their lunch!

top: me-made stripey Renfrew

shorts: cutoff 501’s

shoes: Reef

bag: Strand

location: The Maryland Zoo

adorable sister: B

knobby knees: mine, all mine

Obvs I totally love this Renfrew.  Here’s a special bonus picture:

The Man of International Mystery (pic by sis)

location: Bond Street Wharf

companion: the mysterious Mr. Man Friend, given a shoddy iPhoto treatment

animals on Man Friend’s shirt: flamingos

Day 20:

Quoth the raven, “I’m sick of wearing the same two me-made shirts!”

top: PJ Party Tiny Pocket Tank

jeans: Levi’s

location: Tyson St., Baltimore, MD

deathly pallor: a family heirloom

Baltimore’s town motto is probably “Put a bird on it!”  I mean, all over the city, Poe-and-football loving folks have slapped ravens on every available surface.  You can’t throw a stone without hitting a bird-themed stoop decoration (but really, why are you throwing stones all willy-nilly?  You sound reckless!).

So yeah.  I’m losing steam with Me-Made-May simply because I don’t have the for it.  That’s OK, though– only a few more days left, and the experience has been really instructive (and fun).

How’s everybody doing?  Working on anything fun?  Hopefully I should have something fun and new to show you soon!

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  1. Sad to think you were in my neighborhood when I wasn’t and that we didn’t get to meet up. I totally feel you on the losing steam as the month has worn on. MMM is much easier when you aren’t feeling like you’re repeating every outfit every week! Makes me look forward to having more projects done by next year.


    • Wait, I didn’t know you lived in Baltimore! My sister has been there for four years, so I’ve enjoyed getting to visit her there. I’m sure I’ll be back soon! And I hear you– it’s a little tedious wearing the same thing over and over! Next year will be more fun for us newbies!


  2. Don’t have the what for it? I need to know! Augh it’s to much! I’d usually substitute ballz in that type of sentence but… I know you’re a ballzy dame so what is it you lack? Doesn’t matter, I like the striped top. Narrow navy lines like that are really cute =D Wrt the dodgy photoshop, you realise this is a golden opportunity to put other faces on de man? (I’m talking kittens, pr0n stars, wild west outlaws, the lot!). You could do a series! PS can’t believe you left the dog behind (‘cuz he’s not in the photos). Bad parent.. XD


    • You’re right– total missed opportunity Photoshop-wise! And Doug the Pug is not a very happy traveler– he hates to ride in the car, and he doesn’t like my sister’s dog (who’s sweet as can be… totally unjustified animosity), so he got to have a weekend of pampering with the neighbor. He always comes back looking plump– I’m pretty sure she gives him forbidden treats! 🙂 Oh, and my original wording was… ridiculous. I just ran out of time with the dress. 🙂


  3. Congrats to Dr J! I’m with you on MMM showing up some serious wardrobe deficits… But that’s kinda the point too 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you’re working on, I’ve got a lapped zipper, waist stay and crinoline in my immediate future!


  4. I love your photos Ginger! Have to admit I’ve lost steam too and been lax with my photos. But have been working on something new that I’m keen to share.


  5. love the Renfrews – I need to get going with mine. I’m with you on the wardrobe tedium: but at least now I know what (major) gaps in my me-made wardrobe need plugging – it should help focus my sewing a bit too!


    • They have such cute animals! I was really thrilled by the prairie dogs– I’d never seen them in real life before, and they’re so funny popping in and out of their tunnels!


  6. It’s almost over. Wooooo! I totally feel ya on the burnt out business. These days I have no where to go and all I want to do is hang out in comfy not-me-made clothes. Note to self: make more comfy hang out clothes.


    • Me, too! MMM is coinciding with short-term unemployment for me, so it’s been really hard to dress up when I don’t really have anywhere to go (or worse, when the places I do need to go are the laundromat or the veterinarian’s office!).


  7. I think you’ve been doing great with your me-made-outfits…hand on in there! And I love the birdie photo!

    I feel I wouldn’t have been able to take part in MMM if I had to do it full-time, 3/4 days are enough of a challenge for me right now, though I do hope to do better next time round ;o)


    • I’m so glad I only signed up for three days– thanks for giving me the idea! I would look like I had a mandatory uniform if I did it full-time! Although a uniform of Renfrews or Tiny Pocket Tanks doesn’t sound so bad to me…


  8. Hahaha! I feel so stupid! I lived in Baltimore for 4 years (went to UG there) and I NEVER made the Poe/Raven/Football team connection! Doh! *head slap*
    Regardless – you look adorable, only a few more days of MMMay left – keep up the good work!!


    • Haha, that’s funny! Although old E.A. Poe seems to have folks all over the eastern seaboard celebrating him– he’s got a cottage here in the Bronx, a national park site in Philly, I remember seeing his college dorm at UVA, and all over Baltimore! Sheesh, everybody’s trying to get a piece of the guy!


  9. How lucky you were that you got to go to Baltimore! Congrats on the graduation. I think out of all your looks, I like the Renfrew top the best. It’s the simplest but the chicest


  10. I was strongly considering forging ahead with the denim….but since I don’t even know how I’m supposed to draft the waistband yet, I figured I’d be a good girl. Hopefully I’ll still get something wearable in the end. And I think you’re right–boy jeans are probably much less risky on the fitting, so I’d say go for it!


    • I did, thanks for asking! I don’t get to see my sister and bro-in-law often enough, so it’s always nice getting to spend time with them (and especially with such a happy thing to celebrate!)!


  11. I love the fact you and your sis are perched in a nest – brilliant photo! I think we’re all a little guilty of sewing pretty dresses and ignoring the vital separate basics, so I wouldn’t dwell on the ‘same top blues’. I actually love the idea of Me-Made May because you can see those gaps; I will have to join the fun next year!


    • Haha, we can’t resist a goofy photo opportunity! There’s one of us with our faces on kitty bodies, and I have one with my other sister where we crawled into plastic turtle shells, but then got stuck because they were designed for little kids…


  12. City of the Orioles! I once upon a time lived south in DC — I don’t envy the weather’s that coming! But lovely Renfrew, so versatile. I’m losing a bit of steam for MMM because I’ve retired so many me-mades, but I’ve got a dress or two in queue 🙂


    • Oof, those summers are so hot! I really admire the way you’ve been winnowing your wardrobe and identifying the pieces and styles that really work for you. Good luck with the last few days of MMM!


  13. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Baltimore! Looks like you had a lot of fun – that picture of you with your sister says it all.


  14. You’re so funny- really! Haha. And I cut out a stripy Renfrew but feel I won’t have matching stripes- did you find it hard to match? (I think my fabric was pranking me… the stripes weren’t straight). Anyway, cool pics! And cool Renfrew!


    • It didn’t match perfectly– I did what I could to match the stripes at the sides, but the jersey was kind of wiggly so it shifted while I was sewing and it’s not perfect. But hey, I can live with that!


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