Me-Made-May ’12: Days 23, 24, & 25!

Hi, guys!  Happy weekend to you (and happy long weekend to American readers)!  Hope you’re all enjoying the last stretch of MMM!

Day 23:

top: free tank from Moosejaw

skirt: me-made cotton candy Ginger skirt

necklace: Rare Bird on Etsy

number of days Man Friend’s laundry has been sitting: 11, counting today

This week has been a little challenging as the weather’s been pretty lousy.  It’s really hard to dress up and look cute when it’s rainy and gross out!

Day 24:

Ugh, post-rainstorm hair!!

top: American Eagle

cardigan: J. Crew

skirt: me-made Ginger skirt

necklace: Rare Bird on Etsy

bag: made by Ugandan women in the Sewing Hope program (really cool– you should check it out!)

location: Metro Textiles

I wore this outfit traipsing around the Garment District in the pouring rain during my first-ever meetup with a sewing blogger, the lovely Mika of Savory Stitches.  It was so fun to shop for fabric with another person– sewing can be kind of a solitary activity sometimes (although the company of sewing bloggers is a decent substitute for real-life interaction), but it was super-duper fun to be able to hang out with a smart, fashionable blogger in real life!  We had so much fun at Paron’s, Steinlauf & Stoller, Daytona Trimmings, Metro Textiles, and B & J Fabrics (where I really misbehaved and bought some expensive but GORGEOUS ikat!).  I have to say– Metro Textiles?!  We were so overwhelmed by the stacks and stacks of bolts crammed into a tiny space that we couldn’t even think!  Mr. Kashi was very kind and accommodating, but it was still a brain-melting experience!

Look how cute Mika is! And look how much fabric is jammed haphazardly into this space!!

Day 25:

top: me-made Renfrew

jeans: Levi’s

shoes: Onitsuka Tiger for Asics

awesome dinosaur bag: Happy Family on Etsy, free with the purchase of two t-shirts (score!)

location: South Street Seaport, looking at the Brooklyn Bridge (with the Manhattan Bridge behind it)

Man Friend’s parents are visiting this weekend, so I’m pictured here with my super cute and fun mother-in-law.  Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?  In between visiting and celebrating Man Friend’s birthday Sunday, I’m hoping to squeeze in a little sewing.  I feel like I’m in the middle of quite of a few projects right now, so I’m trying to finish a few and to set a schedule for finishing the rest.  It’s so easy to get distracted (and even easier to set aside something challenging in favor of a shiny new project!!).

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!  Hope you guys have great weekends!

29 responses

  1. Ooh your fabric shopping is making me jealous, need an NYC trip soon I think. Any specific plans for your Ikag? I coincidentally just ordered some from B&J this afternoon, it would be funny if we got the same one (there are so many there though it’s a slim chance)! Have an excellent Memorial Day Weekend!


    • Oh, wow, be sure and hit me up if you come to town! You can always crash on my sofa bed! Can’t wait to see what you make with your ikat! I’m planning a sundress with a midriff cutout… not sure how I will draft it, so it will be an adventure! B&J’s ikats were so gorgeous! I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide which one to get and changed my mind three times!


  2. Lookin’ cute, lady! Are you feeling better about tucking into those high-waisted skirts? Both looks were really cute, so I hope so!


  3. I’m so envious when I see bloggers hanging out! haha 🙂 I love your pink and white Ginger, it’s so sweet 🙂 And that Renfrew looks so comfy. I so want a cowl neck one!


    • I feel lucky to have so many great fabric shops– I remind myself of that when I’m sick to death of my small apartment or when the subway breaks down. It’s one of the best benefits of living here! 🙂


  4. How fun that you got to have a blogger meet up! It looks like you had a great time, even if the fabric piles were a bit overwhelming!!


  5. It’s great seeig your me mades like tis – it shows what bright fresh colours you go for …and they seriously are fabbie makes. I agree, shopping with fellow sewsters is a different kind of excitement isn’t it?!!


    • I am a sucker for super brights! I stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of all the black-dressed New Yorkers! But I love it! And you’re right– it’s so much more fun to shop with folks who GET IT! 😀


    • You could totally pull one off! I’m not so in love with them on me, but I love how they look on other people (truthfully, I hate tucking in shirts, so I always feel kinda squirmy and uncomfortable in high-waisted skirts).


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