Me-Made-May ’12: Day 26… Plus a Doggie Surprise!

Today I have a very special Me-Made-May post!  I’m so excited to show you guys the newest member of our family!

Just a couple of gals enjoying the park on a summery day!

shades: Fred Flare, back when they had a storefront in Brooklyn

top: me-made Sorbetto top

shorts: American Eagle

sandals: Reef

bag: Strand Books

location: Washington Square Park, NYC

brand-new pet: Peggy the Pug!

Meet the newest member of la famille Ginger!  We just adopted her today!  She’s a rescue dog, four or five years old, and we don’t know too much about her other than that she was abandoned and a police officer brought her to the animal shelter.  She and Doug the Pug are getting along well, and while she needs some training (and housebreaking– yikes!!), she’s got a winning personality and is as friendly as can be!  Man Friend is especially excited to have a birthday pug!

Here’s a shot with more detail of the outfit, should that sort of thing interests you:

This is what walking a pug looks like.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

63 responses

  1. omg omg omg you are living the puggy dream with one of each color! congrats on your new pug, what a lucky girl she is! You are not kidding on that last photo, Sister is always like “Oh, but it’s sunny here, we can just sit down now right? No need to keep going!”


  2. Oh and before I forget (as I did once, see above) Caesar Milan’s puppy training thing. Buy/ stream/ download, he starts with what to do from the first day on (i.e. bringing home a rescue dog give it at least a 15 min walk around the neighbourhood before taking it into the house-that way it’s has it’s pee work done and doesn’t associate the house with pees-ville. Also always walk into the house before it that way it knows you know the place and are sharing a safe area with it rather than it stepping by itself into a great unknown..).


  3. Congrats! They’re super cute together. I walked by a dog rescue adoption today, and I called my husband to tell him that I was so close to bringing home a dog. We don’t have the room though, especially with the two cats. I can live vicariously through you instead!


    • Luckily these guys are as low energy as cats, so they don’t need much space (they’re total couch potatoes… that’s why we have pugs, actually, as I’m usually more into big dogs, but can’t really swing that in an apartment)! I’m sure I’ll be posting tons of pug pictures! 🙂


  4. Ah! A new puggy! She’s adorable, and good on you guys for welcoming her into your home! I’m sure she’ll gives you years and years of smiles and doggy love!


    • They really are! We had three at a time when I was growing up… not sure I’ll be able to talk hubs into a third, but they really are more fun in a pair! Plus, Doug won’t be lonely when we go to work. 🙂


  5. Congratulations!! More Pug to Love! My husband and I always have the hardest time saying no every time we happen upon a pet adoption (which oddly happens a lot…) It takes some steely will to turn away those needy cats and dogs and realize that we already have two of our own that require our attention… So I’m glad there are adorable lost pugs somewhere that are getting a good home.


    • I know what you mean– I’ve left adoption days in tears more than once! It’s so sad that there are pets out there without loving homes. I’m glad we were able to take her!


    • I’ve always wanted to get a rescue dog– we tried a foster-to-adopt a few months ago, but he really needed to be in a house with a yard for him to exercise in, and that was really hard. I’m so glad we were able to find one that’s a good fit for our living situation. 🙂


    • Do it! Dougie isn’t quite sure what to think– she runs at a much higher speed than he does (which isn’t hard since he spends almost all day lounging on the couch!).


  6. oh yay! two pugs – I am too too envious. I can’t even have ONE dog (no-pets apartment building – grrr), but when we move, I’m going to be crazy dog lady. v cute outfit!


    • I look forward to seeing crazy dog lady you! I feel like I am– we suddenly went from a couple with a dog (we tried to keep how obsessed we were with him a secret from strangers!) to the crazy pug people in our neighborhood overnight! 😀


    • They really do! They’re almost… what’s the word? Zany? They’re goofy little dogs. I grew up with big dogs and wasn’t really partial to pugs growing up, but after Doug fell into our lap, we really fell in love with him! They’re good for kids– playful, but not too hyper and crazy. Get one!!


      • That is so cool to hear!! I was never a small dog person either, but my hubby and I somehow ended up with 2 amazing little Chihuahuas…which were not so child-friendly. My sis and mom were more than happy (ecstatic!) to take them in after our 3rd baby was born, so at least I get to see them all the time. BUT, I really miss having dogs!!!! Enjoy your pugs! 🙂


  7. Oh my days your yellow dress is just beautiful! 🙂 Well done you what a lovely fit and Peggy is the hairy icing on the cake! So happy for you and your furry little family. She is a very lucky girl.



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