Me-Made-May ’12: Days 28-31!

Guys, I can’t believe it– Me-Made-May is over!  It went by so quickly!  Let me just show you my last few outfits– super boring, as you’ve seen them all already…

Day 28:

dress: The Mello Yello dress (truthfully, tried to wear this for Man Friend’s birthday party, but it was just TOO FREAKIN’ HOT… I think I changed clothes twice because I could. not. stop. sweating.)

Day 29:

“Guys, seriously, I don’t have any other me-made items!”

top: Pink Nightmare PJ top (which you’ve already seen about 50 times)

shorts: American Eagle

Day 30:

top: Brooklyn Industries

skirt: Baby’s First Ginger

Day 31:

Yes, I know I look crazy… you would be excited, too, if you got to be where the magic happens… the Etsy labs!

top: Strawberry Sorbetto (I tried DESPERATELY to finish a new top in time for the last day, but… it ended up being a totally loco day, so no dice).

location: a natural dye workshop at the Etsy labs in Brooklyn (more on that later!).  That’s the Manhattan Bridge you’re seeing out the window.

I really loved Me-Made-May.  I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched more experienced makers have fun with these months before, but I was so glad I could finally participate!  It was nice to have the impetus to ACTUALLY WEAR what I make on a regular basis!  That said, I just really don’t have enough me-made items to sustain the experiment, even though I only committed to three days a week.  There were a couple of me-made items that didn’t see the light of day this month (because they were for cooler weather or were too fancy for everyday wear), but I did manage to drag out a couple of things that I haven’t really worn much.

Like many of you, I found some big ol’ whopping holes in my wardrobe– casual separates and dresses.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, but I don’t find myself making casual items very often.  I’m going to make an effort to include that sort of thing in my to-do queue.  I think I’m often an aspirational sewist– I sew for an imaginary me that’s a lot more ladylike and glamorous than I really am (this trait shouldn’t surprise me too much– after cleaning out my pantry the other day, I realized how much of an aspirational food shopper I am… I’m always vowing to “turn over a new leaf” and so I’ll buy things like spelt because “I’m totally gonna eat SOOOOOO healthy from now until forever!”).  So yeah– I’m changing up my sewing plans a little to orient them more around Actual Me instead of Fancy Pretend Me.

How about you guys?  Any fun MMM revelations?  I’ve had so much fun reading your blogs this month and seeing your MMM posts!  Thank you so much to Zoe for organizing!  🙂  I know we’ll have so much fun next year!

Oh, one quick thing– I was really surprised and excited to find out that my blog was selected for a “Best of the Web” style round up this week at!  I tried to select a super professional-looking photo for them, but I look a bit dead-eyed in it.  Whoops!

52 responses

  1. I’ve loved following your me made month! You’ve done a gazillion times better than me in documenting it but we’ve both got similar realisations regarding the holes (gaping chasms in some cases as far as I’m concerned!) wardrobes! I can’t wait to hear more about your Etsy Lab visit, you look like you’re having a blast!


  2. Hey lady I really enjoyed following your progress and congrats on the ‘best of the web’ thingy whoop! I too make things for lady-me whereas little-boy-me is the one who really needs the wardrobe… will we ever learn?! ;-/


  3. Congrats on finishing your first MMM! It seems like you have made several practical pieces that you enjoy wearing. I didn’t participate because I dislike so many of my handmade clothes (sad), but watching others do it made me reflect on my own wardrobe as well. I think I, too, should stop making so many dresses, or at least make a better assessment of what kinds of dresses are best for work vs. play. Like a short peter pan collar dress is great for a picnic in the park (when do I do that?) but isn’t professional enough for work and is too cutesy for a night out at the bars. Ah well, sew and learn!


    • You’re totally right– I think it’s wise to take stock of what works before diving into projects. Lizz at A Good Wardrobe had a good tip a while back– to look in your clothes hamper, see what’s dirty, and then you’ll know what you regularly wear! Smart.


  4. Well I notice the man friend’s laundry basket is finally empty. Only took a whole month! haha! I’ve really enjoyed MMM and hope to participate next year. Congrats on the “Best of the Web” feature!! How exciting!


  5. I really enjoyed watching you over the month with your various awesome outfits! But what I’m more interested in is the Etsy lab. I can’t wait to here more about it! And congrats on the award. You deserve it girl!


  6. It was so nice meeting you during MMM 12, Ginger! I really enjoyed seeing your projects. My realization was that I need to sew more for work instead of parties because… I spend more time at work. 🙂 Congrats on your award!


  7. I really like your description of “aspirational sewist” – I suffer the same problem, but I thought I was the only one! However, I’ve been reading this a lot on others’ MMM round up posts, so I’m really glad to know I’m not alone!

    Congrats on your shout-out too!


    • Maybe we can alternate practical projects with fantasy ones! It’s funny, I think of your style as very chic, but totally wearable. I never would have guessed that you make things you don’t wear all the time!


  8. I’ve enjoyed following your me-made months. Well done for finishing the challenge! Seriously I wouldn’t worry about things being fancy – just wear them! Congratulations on being featured – how exciting!


    • Thanks! It was fun to have a challenge in place (even if there were mornings when I just wanted to pull on a t-shirt… or bad hair days when I really, really didn’t want to take a photo!).


  9. I just adored reading all of your fabulous MMM posts!! That dress is still one of my favorite things that you’ve made 🙂 I’m excited to see your adventures at the Etsy lab – what fun!


  10. Ooooh, congratulations on being featured on!

    I’ve loved seeing all your cute makes throughout May and I too identified some gaps in my wardrobe…maybe both of us can step it up next year ;o)


  11. Ah! That yellow dress – I want one! And well done on completing the challenge 😀 And I see Man Friend’s laundry basket is (was?) empty in the second photo as well, that gave me a good giggle!


  12. Congrats on finishing MMM! You’ve got some v cute makes – I love your May 30 outfit – that blue really suits you. I too have realised that I should stop planning makes for the imagined me’s wardrobe (honestly, floaty cotton lawn frocks are pretty useless most of the time in England!). My revised plan is separates! (but I will make one floaty dress for a wedding later this month)


  13. I really enjoyed seeing your me made may pics. I am looking forward to seeing more aboutthe etsy workshop. My mm may revelations? I like my portfolio trousers A LOT! x


  14. Congrats on MMM and! I’m all for more “Actual Me” sewing — I find it’s not as fun for folks to look at, but so much better to love and enjoy in your daily life. 🙂 I wish I participated more in the MMM community, but I still got a lot out of wearing me-mades daily and seeing everyone else’s progress!


  15. Congrats on completing the challenge! I love your mello yellow dress and blue ginger. I also was wanting to ask if you’ve been pleased with your serger model???


  16. Congrats!! 🙂 And you look really happy in the photos so that’s nice too! 😀 I do love your “shrug” pose “what do you want from me?” lol!


  17. All of your MMM posts were awesome! Great job making it through the month! I think many, many of us have realized we don’t quite live the lives our sewing queues would suggest. Maybe this summer we’ll all be good and sew basics (ha!). I do just love your new yellow dress though! Hooray for getting a UFO in the closet 🙂


  18. “I sew for an imaginary me that’s a lot more ladylike and glamorous than I really am”<—Took the words right out of my mouth! I find myself doing this all the time as well, and this MMM reminded me of that once again.

    I had so much fun following along with you this month! I'm hoping I run into you on the streets of NYC one day wearing that gorgeous yellow dress!


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