I played host today and yesterday to a childhood friend of my brother’s and his wife who are passing through NYC.  Here’s the conversation we had while riding the subway and looking at the map this afternoon:

Friend: “Where’s Madison Square Garden?”

Me: “Over here by Penn Station.”

Friend: “Where’s NYU?”

Me: “There, in the Village.”

Friend: “Where’s Mood?”

Me: “… ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!”


This guy races bikes, drives fast, plays hockey, and downhill skis faster than I’m willing to drive my car (seriously… I’d tell you how fast, but it would just make your palms sweat unnecessarily), but his favorite show is Project Runway!  He and his wife are hoping to meet Swatch, the Mood dog, next time they’re in town.  Amazing.

Doug and Peggy would like you to know that they don’t think Swatch is all that cute.

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  1. Hah! It’s always the ones you’d never suspect that turn out to be rabid Project Runway fans. Swatch is no Doug, Peggy or Rafe (my dog), but I have to admit he’s pretty appealing. I mean, my dog would not tolerate being pet by hundreds of strangers every day, but Swatch handles the adoration with aplomb.


  2. Hahaha – what a cute story. Your dogs certainly look unimpressed! I have to admit, I haven’t watched an episode of Project Runway since I was … 19? Maybe? Either way – Swatch is new to me – but I like his/her name!


    • I’ve never watched it (hubs controls the tivo since I work more, so it’s basically nothing but football documentaries and standup specials), but I think I might start with this upcoming season. Swatch really is a great name!


  3. Oh that’s hilarious! I make my husband watch Project Runway with me and I know he tries to hide it, but he enjoys the drama just as much as I do. Yeah, Mood is also on my ‘places to see in New York’ list. Oh and Doug and Peggy are waaaaayyy cuter than Swatch…


  4. Oh my gosh, you have a pug!!! Me too!
    I was watching Project Runway last night and when they finally made it to mood (into the second season opener episode) It felt like old home week! I want to go there!


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