Shabby Apple Giveaway, Hooray!


Guys!  Get excited– I have great news today!  The good folks over at Shabby Apple contacted me recently to ask if my readers might be interested in a giveaway and I was like, “Nah, not really…”.  JUST KIDDING.  Of course you’re interested in a giveaway!  FREE DRESSES, PEOPLE!  Or, $75 to spend on dresses, to be more accurate!

Have you checked out Shabby Apple?  If not, get thee hence forthwith!  This stuff is CUTE!  Wanna see some of my favorites?

Summer Wind (does anyone else think of the Simpsons scene with Martin singing this song in the swimming pool every time they hear this song?).  ALSO I desperately want her hair!

Hyannis Skirt (actually, love this whole outfit)

Champs Elysees

I just got this swimsuit…


… but then my sister came for a visit and tried it on “just for fun”, and it looked so, so cute on her that I had to give it to her.  I died a little inside, but it was kind of like they were made for each other.  Sigh.

Annnnnnyways, here are the details:

Comment on this post to win a $75 gift card!  Really important– you need to “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook for your entry to count.  ALSO really important– this giveaway is only available for readers in the U.S (but don’t worry, I’m cooking up a different giveaway for the near future that will be open to all of y’awl).  If you are the type of person who likes a SECOND CHANCE, leave another comment telling me what stuff is totes your fave so I can judge you harshly based on your preferences and style.

Let’s close the giveaway, oh, a week from today– Wednesday, July 18th at 11:59PM EST (cause I’m prejudiced towards my own time zone).  Yay!

Lastly, you can still save some dough even if you don’t win– the Shabby Applettes gave me a discount code for you to use for 10% off your order (good for one month!).  Just type in “gingermakes10off” at checkout!

Good luck!!!

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