Summer Sewing Swap!

Hi, everybody!  Boy oh boy, if you didn’t participate in Kerry’s Summer Sewing Swap, you missed out on some real fun!  I was paired up with the lovely and talented Lauren at Lladybird, and oh man, I was SO EXCITED to shop for her!  You guys all read her blog, right?  If not, get over there RIGHT NOW!  Anyway, this swap was just like Christmas (but without the dreaded moment that comes every year when you realize you have NO IDEA what to get for one of the males you’re related to… seriously, doesn’t everyone have a brother or dad or father-in-law or something that is CRAZY hard to shop for?  Sorry, tangent…)!

If you want to see what I finally decided on for Lauren’s package, you can read her post here!  As for me, I scored pretty big!


Look!  A fun booklet about sewing zippers from 1960, a belt buckle kit, some lovely knit jersey (another Renfrew?  Well, if I MUST…)… so fun!

But look at these patterns!!


One-yard shorts!  I’m determined that I WILL successfully make a pair of shorts this summer, even if it kills me!  This pattern looked so familiar to me, and after a quick bit of Googling, I realized that Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes made these shorts back in December, and they look super cute on her!

But the dress… oh, that dress!  Look how cute it is!  I’m digging around in my stash to see what I can make this with!  I love the sleeveless version– isn’t is too adorable?  I love those early ’60’s styles that make me look like I have curves!  I’m so excited to make it!

Thank you so much, Lauren, and a huge thanks to Kerry for dreaming up and organizing this swap!  I hope it becomes an annual tradition!

33 responses

    • Gosh, people dressed so sharply in the ’60’s, didn’t they? I mean, I love lounging around in casual clothes as much (probably more) than the next guy, but you just feel great dollin’ up now and then!


  1. Who is super jealous she’s not in on this swap??? *raises hand* *both of them*
    You totally scored, dude!! I love that dress pattern and I have every confidence that you will get er done on the shorts!


  2. What a lovely package! Looking forward to seeing what you make with those patterns – I think both the shorts and the dress will look lovely on you. 🙂


  3. Sometimes I think it must be just as fun to nose around in what other people get in a package as it is to receive it!! (but probably not quite) I’m already picturing you in that little 60’s sailor number – and let me tell you – you look amazing!


    • Why, thanks, lady! It’s totally fun to snoop other people’s packages! Isn’t it funny that after reading people’s blogs for a while, you start to recognize their styles? I see patterns and things and think how great they would look on different people. So much fun!


  4. Yay I’m so glad you like everything!! 🙂 I’m hoping this shorts pattern will do better for ya than the Iris… and that dress is going to be SO HOT on you. Can’t wait to see what you make of ’em! Thanks for swapping with me, it’s been a blast 😀


  5. Those shorts are ADORABLE!! I think you would rock a pair of these like whoa. What a lovely collection of goodies!!


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