Meetup Mania!

Boy, oh, boy– what a fun meetup we had yesterday in the Garment District!    I wish all of you could’ve been there (think how fun it would be to descend en masse on poor, unsuspecting 39th St., snatching bolts of fabric and haggling until the shopkeepers collapse from the onslaught of hundreds of passionate sewists!)!

Kerry and Liz searching for the perfect print (note Kerry’s Picnic Blanket Skirt and Liz’s Hazel dress!).

Our guests of honor were Kerry and Liz, both of whom were serendipitously visiting the city from afar on the same weekend (so exciting!).  Kelli also receives a special mention– she moved to NYC earlier this month, and this was her first trip to the Garment District (welcome!)!  Also in attendance were New Yorkers and Garment District Pros Janice, Cindy, Marina, and Mika— what a fab group!

Janice brainstorming uses for this amazing border print!

We started at Paron, where we poked, prodded, and pulled out just about every bolt in the house, then we moved across the street to Gray Line Linen, a new-to-me and lovely store with gorgeous linen and reasonable prices (thanks for the suggestion, Cindy!).  After raiding Chic Fabrics, we stopped for lunch at Lazzara’s (recommended by Shop the Garment District), and after a few slices, we were recharged and ready for Mood!  We stayed at Mood until closing time, then paused to caffeinate and show off our purchases.

Kelli and Kerry are excited for pizza time!

All in all, we spent around 6 hours together, and the time passed so quickly!  It was so fun to meet everyone, especially since I’ve been reading these ladies’ blogs for quite a while!  Each gal was so fun, interesting, and easy to talk to.  It was just so fun to meet people in real life, and to geek out over fabric with fellow enthusiasts.  🙂  I can’t wait to see what you guys make with the fabric you picked up this weekend!

Mika shows off her fabric… won’t this make a super cute bow blouse?  And look, it’s a Chantilly dress!

What about you, readers?  Any fun meetups happen lately (or do you have any on the horizon?)?  Any exciting fabric purchases or new sewing plans?

70 responses

  1. I keep dreaming of the day I will finally visit the garment district. I am still trying to convince myself that I am not jealous of your meet-up. I almost succeeding too, almost.


  2. Oh wow, this sounds/looks like an absolutely fabulous day! Did you buy much yourself? It’s my dream to visit the Garment District one day, shame I wasn’t into sewing last time I visited NYC! I can’t complain though as August has been good to me…I’ve hosted one blogger meet-up and attended another ;o)


  3. Looks like fun! I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to join you all, especially since I’m a short train ride away! One of these days I’m going to make it up there and meet you all in person!


  4. Ahhh so insanely jealous of this hangout! I’ve never had a sewing blogger meetup or whatnot, I actually don’t even know any other Chicago bloggers. Looks like you guys had an awesome time…did you get anything?


  5. Aren’t blog meet-ups fabulous!? I recently just met some of the gals in the vintage community down here, and that was amazing (especially one in particular who’s blog I’ve been reading for over 3 years!)

    Your fabric shopping day looks like a hoot!


  6. I haven’t been to NYC for almost a year now. I’ll have to remedy that sometime soon…..Hmmmmmm….I’ve got a 20th anniversary coming up….think my man would appreciate having a dirty weekend in NYC, interrupted by a sewing meetup? 😉


  7. Thanks again, it was such a wonderful day. I have one more day in NYC and think I might go back to the garment district again to see if they have anything left after our raid! Then I think I won’t have to shop at home until my next o/s trip 🙂


  8. how fun!! NY, one day… 🙂
    I did manage a fabric shopping trip on Saturday to Harts, and after what felt like an hour of dedicating browsing, I finally found a beautiful green and white hounds tooth fabric that will make a perfect shirt for my hubby. 😀


      • Well, I have the negroni pattern by Colette to use as a starting point and for instructions, but I’m 99% sure I’ll be altering the size a lot because my man is a giant. So… I’m gonna try to work with one of his old shirts that ripped–I’ll cut it apart and compare to the paper pattern on sizing…hopefully that works 😉 It’ll be an adventure. and I probably should really start with a muslin this time…


  9. How fun! So jealous of your meet-up that also just happened to be in the garment district – someday! Someday I’ll make it out there!

    I’ll be in Chicago next month, planning a little meet-up myself. I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself hahaa.


    • That would be so amazing! I would seriously go crazy if I met you in real life!

      Eat lots of good food when you’re in Chicago! I grew up nearby, so it’s dear to me and I miss the eats!


  10. Crimeny. I literally drooled on my phone looking at those photos of all the beautiful bolts of fabric. That’s what happens when you live in NE Florida and there ain’t a fabric store in sight! Even Joann’s is 45 minutes away. Sighhhhhhhhh. Thank the gods for the interwebs.


  11. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I have to admit I’m kind of jealous… I’d love to do a meetup sometime. Maybe one of these days for an NYC one. It’s only something like a four-hour trip….each way….not unreasonable, right?


  12. wow! looks like such fun! I didn’t sew when I lived in NYC, but on my next trip, I’m definitely clearing a day to hit the garment district shops. (though I’ll probably just panic from too much choice, and will come home empty handed).


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