Ginger Made: NL 6022 (or, The “See Ya Next Summer” Dress)

Guys.  It’s fall now!  Sure, the calendar says we’ve still got a few more summer days left, but there’s a chill in the air and a sadness in my heart that can only mean that sunny, warm days are coming to an end.  (Yeah, yeah, I get it, everybody looooooves autumn and sweaters and leaves and what not, but I work outside and I HATE the cold, so I’m always a little bummed when temperatures start to dip).  So, I thought I would squeeze in one last summer dress, even though I probably won’t have a chance to wear it until next year.

I used New Look 6022, view C.  I snapped up the pattern during a sale at Jo-Ann right after seeing Rochelle’s cute version of this dress, but I didn’t have time to whip one up until recently.  I skipped making a muslin, instead deciding to measure a dress I own with a similar silhouette and choosing a size based on those finished measurements (size 6 on top and a 8 on the bottom– there’s tons of ease in this pattern!).  I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the dress, but this is my neatest make by far– it’s finished completely with French seams and bias tape, so it should be able to take a beating!  I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it (although you shouldn’t… I’m a liar).

This is exactly the kind of dress that I wished for all summer long– super easy to pull on, cool, and completely no-fuss.  Sure, maybe it’s a little shapeless and plain, but I don’t really mind that in an everyday dress.  I used a linen I bought a year or so ago from Belraf Fabrics on the Lower East Side, so score one for stash-bustin’!  I made the fabric belt shown on the pattern envelope, but I dunno… do you guys find that self-belts/sashes look a little… homemade?  It was sorta bulky and not very elegant, so maybe I’ll wear it sometimes, but for now I kind of prefer it paired with a narrower belt.

If I make this again (and I probably will), I think I’ll skip the keyhole opening, like Rochelle did.  I’m realizing that I really hate them– my hair always gets snagged on the button!  And because this fabric is light and really drapey, the keyhole sags and looks a little gross (probably from the weight of the button, but I suspect I’ve got a bit too much width in the back shoulder area, too).  I’ll probably go back next summer and stitch it up.

Eww! Ugly keyhole!!

What have you guys been sewing lately?  A swan song for the season’s end?  Or have you jumped headfirst into the next season?

Also… in case you were wondering who/what was at the end of the leash…

Her tail moves faster than the speed of any camera shutter!

… it’s Peggy!  I think she would look amazing in a matching coral sundress, but THAT WOULD BE CRAZY.  And we are all about sanity, sobriety, and responsibility in these parts… not pugs in people clothes, y’all.

What I’m trying to say is that I really wanted to make a matching dress for Peg, but HOLY CRAP, IS IT HARD TO MEASURE A WIGGLY DOG!



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  1. What a cute, simple dress! It looks super cool and comfy for summer. And I like that you completed the look with your dog, Peggy. I went to Rochelle’s blog after yours and now I wonder if you need a dog to make this dress . . . .


  2. You and Peggy are just too cute! I love the neckline of this dress – it looks like how I wished my Continental Dress looked!

    And I’m with you about summer ending. Not yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more sun!


    • This is really similar to the Continental Dress (I think Rochelle made a cute version of that, too!)– I bet you could change the gathers to little pleats pretty easily!

      Even just a few more weeks of summer would be AMAZING! I didn’t even make it to the beach once this year!


  3. So cute, and I love linen (despite the fact that it wrinkles like crazy!).

    and I know what you mean about the wiggly dog – I’ve made 2 things for ours (a coat, and a lamb costume for Halloween) and both times he just did not want to sit still! You think he would appreciate having a handmade garment made for him, but no. 😉


    • ACK!!! A LAMB COSTUME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Wow. Tell me you have photos!!!!!

      These little jerks don’t appreciate anything! I knit a weird helmet thing for Doug, and he promptly tried to rip it to shreds! They just don’t know how to appreciate hard work!


  4. Love the dress! Very cute and simple silhouette. I like the skinny belt, but I’ve never used a matching fabric belt, so I don’t know anything about those 😉 There was definitely a heavy fog and chill in the air over the CA central coast this morning–my sandal-ed feet are a little chilly, and I think boot weather may have officially arrived!! (I do like boots and sweaters, but I don’t deal with real “cold,” so you have my sympathies for putting up with the real deal.)


  5. What a gorgeous color on you! Definitely a great summer dress and maybe even something you can layer for fall, maybe?

    As for me? I have definitely started thinking about fall and what pieces I need to make.


  6. That is such cute dress. It looks really comfortable too. Can’t you wear it this autumn by layering it? I’m sure you could get away with wearing it on top of a sweater.


  7. Sooo cute!! I love that color on you 🙂 I like the idea of the key hole, but I don’t actually like to wear them. Maybe it would be cute in the front somehow? I really do love this pattern and made a few different versions of it over the course of the summer. I’m glad you got to make one too 🙂


    • Thanks, girl! And thanks for the original pattern inspiration– I never would’ve picked this up based on the envelope art! A front keyhole would be super cute– maybe a nice shaped one?!


  8. Yeah I’m not a big fan of the self belts either. I’ve made a few but never worn them cuz they just looked a little tacky. The color looks great on you! This reminds me a little of the Lisette Continental dress I made. Super easy to make. Just my kind. I think Peggy would look loverly in her own sundress!


  9. Actually, the color looks like it could take you well into the fall, with the right layers! Cute dress. And I totally get you on the sadness– I like the fall, but I also hate being cold, and my retail job keeps me outside a lot as well. So I’ve got increasing chills to look forward to probably well into November!


  10. Great dress! I’m the opposite, I love Fall :/ but that dress can transition nicely into Fall with tights and a cardigan. I agree with you on the self-fabric belts, I think it has a tendency to look homemade (in a bad way).

    It was good to meet you at Gertie’s party again, we should definitely hang out more!


  11. Haha I used to have the same button snagging problem, so annoying! The dress looks awesome, would look good for fall with some tights and a blazer too. I was scrolling down through the post and with each photo I was thinking “oh man, the end of the leash is cropped off” and then BAM puggy photo!!! Maybe you guys need matching blazers for fall? Also major grats on the Mood thing, just saw their post a few minutes ago and am so excited for you!!


    • We TOTALLY need matching blazers! Morris blazers all around!

      Thank you so much! I still can’t believe they picked me, especially when I found out the other gals in the group. Some of them are like rock stars to me (I got so nervous and excited when I met Marina a few weeks ago)!


      • Um…I want to get in on this matching pug blazer action. I think all the sheddy pug hair could affect our brains strangely. I passed a dog shop with a hot dog halloween costume and if I didn’t need to mail stuff to the IRS before 6 I would have probably bought that sucker. Why?!?!?!

        Also dude you are TOTALLY a rockstar! You’re one of the first sewing blogs I got hooked on and that I still love reading, you have the best, most hilarious posts and of course rad ass projects. Okay, mush fest over, haha!


        • Thanks for the kind words, lady! I’m honestly a Grainline junkie, so it’s a two-way love fest.

          Re: the pug hair… holy cow, there’s just so much hair!! It’s terrifying! Doug and Peggy just got a Bears jersey and cheerleading costume, respectively, to kick off football season. Their sad little faces just look so amazing in costume!


  12. what a lovely colour, simple style but perfect for lazy summer days!

    I don’t blame you hanging onto summer I’m the same too, I’m in the middle of making two skirts and a sleeveless top, It will probably be spring before I end up making anything that’s suitable for winter haha!!


  13. Ginger, you simply can’t wait until next summer to wear that dress – it’s too perfect! Just throw on a cardigan (and maybe some tights if it’s too cold) and off you go looking as cute as ever.


  14. This is beautiful on you – the colour and style are perfect! And I love it paired with the skinny gold belt, very simple and chic. I know what you mean about the onset of winter…it makes me so sad!


  15. I love this colour on you! I think I might ‘need’ this pattern for my summer and I’ve seen some gorgeous vibrant rayon that would be v.yummy…


    • Oof, I’m always sad at the end of summer (and I can’t quite shake the back-to-school feeling, although it’s been ages since I’ve been in school now)! I just love the sunshine and carefree feeling of summer!


  16. What a great dress to end the summer! That color looks fantastic on you!

    And you are not kidding about wiggly dogs! I’ve made a few coats for CoCo and she was such a pain to measure.


  17. Gorgeous dress – such a lovely colour on you. I feel sad when summer ends and I have to wear socks again! I agree that you could layer this dress for autumn outfits 🙂 And a dress for the pug> Oh that I have to see! xx


  18. I keep telling everyone who’s starting to feel nostalgic for summer to just come on down here for a visit! Its still going strong! Your little sundress is a perfect late summer make – the kind of thing I ALSO wish I was wearing everyday. And I agree with Maddie – it can totally be transitioned to fall with some layering.


  19. I just love Peggy 🙂 Your dress looks fantastic – I love the bold color and the narrow belt you’ve added to it! The pleating details around the neckline give it some lovely character. I have the same issue with keyholes – I usually just put a hook and eye instead of a button due to the weight of the fabric, but even then my hair still gets snagged in it – oy. I hope we get another streak of warm weather so you won’t have to put it away just yet 🙂


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    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m thinking I may take the dress in, then just put in a zipper. I don’t know if I can still pull it over my head if I take it in much more, but I honestly don’t mind having a zipper.


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