Top 5 of 2012: Hits!

Hi, everyone!  Hope your Christmases were lovely (if you celebrated) and that you’re looking forward to the New Year with hope and optimism!  I’ve so enjoyed reading your Top 5 of 2012 posts that I couldn’t resist and had to join in on the fun!  Thanks, Gillian, for the great idea!

Here are my favorites for 2012!

1.) The Mello Yello dress

This dress ticks all of my boxes– it’s a flattering shape, is simple but has great details, and is a fun, bright color.  I love it!  The only thing I’m not crazy about is that I started it back in September 2011, before my sewing skills were very strong, so it’s not finished as nicely as I would have liked.  But that’s OK.  🙂

2.) Blue Stripe-y Renfrew

Sister baby birds!

This is one of my simplest makes of the year, but I wore this shirt sooooo many times this year.  It’s just a nice, basic top, similar to what I would buy RTW if I was shopping much these days.  Isn’t that the goal of sewing in some ways?  To make stuff that you love AND wear?

3.) Tiny Pocket Tank v.3

Here’s another super wearable favorite.  I love the shape, and it’s just so easy and breezy.  Love this pattern so much!

4.) McCall’s M6553

Here’s another dress that I love– it’s swingy and unusual, in a vibrant color.  I love that it looks completely different belted and unbelted, which makes for a variety of ways to style it.

5.) The Wild Side Pencil Skirt

A late entrant to the competition, this one just barely squeaks into 5th place!  I love the shape of this, love the print, love the weight and drape of the fabric– it’s a real winner.  I feel so grownup and sophisticated in this, but still a little playful and fun.

I spent lots of time nitpicking stuff that I make, so it’s kind of refreshing to look back at what I actually loved this year!  And it’s helped me to figure out what works for me and what I tend to gravitate towards.  I’ll definitely be taking a long look at this list before I start in on my sewing plans for next year.

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    • Thanks, Kerry! I think you had a really successful year– I love that you had such clear realizations about what works for you and what doesn’t! I love that you have a distinct style. Can’t wait to see what you make in 2013!


  1. Interesting list, all of it has an element of ease and comfort- you’ve got a lovely modern “signature style”! And clearly you aren’t afraid of colour! :p I’m curious to read later about your goals f the new year- Will it be frosting or cake? (I’m definitely a cake seamstress myself!)


    • I’m more of a cake-r, too. As fun as it is to make fluffy dresses, I just don’t have the chance to wear them, so it’s more fun to make things that fit into my everyday wardrobe. Looking forward to your 2013 makes!!


  2. What a great idea to look back at what you made this year! I really love your yellow dress, and that pocket tank is adorable! Seeing what was a success for others helps to choose what I will make in future too!


    • I totally agree with you– it’s so inspirational to see what others have had good luck with! It definitely makes me more thoughtful when I read all the great observations that y’all have recorded!


      • adored the parcel – amazing! I felt bad as I was rather rushed finding things. November and december was very stress filled for me – my father-in-law nearly died and I was doing the ‘single mother’ thing for a few weeks )husband in Sydney with the family) and it’s the busiest time of the year at the theatre. anyways life is a bit more ‘normal’ as FIL pulled through and is back at home.
        I have a couple of other things for you. Not sure when I will get back to the post office. 🙂


        • Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear how stressful the last few weeks have been! But I’m glad to hear your dad-in-law is doing better. Yikes!

          I loved the package so much– thank you!!!!!! I’m looking forward to sending you another parcel, too!


  3. So many pretty, pretty makes! And all so different in style, yet they’re all fabulous on you. Yay! It’s so nice seeing these review posts, and the collections of what everyone has done. 🙂


  4. I love all of these–bright, fun colors; great prints–what’s not to love? 🙂
    This really is such a good idea, looking back and figuring out what worked best.


    • I love the idea of taking time to think through what works and doesn’t. We spend so much time in the process of sewing, but sometimes I want to rush through the planning stages. I’m trying to spend a little more effort from the get-go to make sure that I’m actually happy with the finished object at the end of the day. 🙂


  5. I love all of these, particularly your stripey renfrew and tiny pocket tank. I’ve just made one of each that I love (but haven’t blogged yet) and will get so much wear out of – way more than some dresses. Sometimes simple is best! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013!


  6. I love all of these on you, but I think my favourite is the yellow dress. I can tell you love them all too by the big grin on your face! Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2013.


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    • Thanks so very much! Unfortunately, I don’t have a very defined style, so sometimes my closet looks a bit schizophrenic and unorganized, but what can I do? I’m attracted to too many styles and shapes!


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