Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap Reveal!

OK, I’m not saying that the BEST part of the holidays is the presents, but they sure can be fun, can’t they?  And I think we all know that sewing presents are the best, which is why Vicki Kate‘s Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap was a brilliant idea!  Wanna see what I got?

My swap partner, the lovely and talented Sew Busy Lizzy, sent me an amazing package:

Look how cute!

I could barely stand to open it– the parcel was beautifully hand-stitched closed, so I felt like I was ruining a work of art by opening it!  But somehow I found a way to tear into it, and look what I found!

Don’t be jealous, now!  There’s a length of red jersey (perfect for the Maria Denmark Day-To-Night Drape Top that Lizzy ALSO sent me) from a local Australian label, a length of Lizzy’s amazing bird print rayon (see what she made with it here!), some stretch sateen/twill in a cool graphic print, and the Sewaholic Alma Blouse pattern.  I don’t even know where to start sewing!  Thank you SO much, Lizzy!  🙂

Did you get any sewing-related gifts this year?  My mother-in-law gave me a copy of Famous Frocks, which has been lots of fun to flip through.  I’m looking forward to digging into it!  I cheated a little and got myself a little post-Christmas gift today– Vogue Sewing, Revised and Updated.  I LOVE it and can’t wait to read it cover to cover (in, oh, 47 sittings, that is).

Wanna take a closer look at those birds?  I thought you might…

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  1. I’m so pleased you like your gift 🙂 over the year your style had evolved, I noticed you went from wearing plain colours, tending towards mustards and muddier colours to quite bright colours. So I was a bit confused and didn’t want to freak you out with too much colour or pattern!
    I adore your pressie, thank you so much – I was amazed, it was like a treasure box! I will blog about it soon.
    The graphic print is a cotton sateen from Spotlight… I’m kinda tempted to get some for myself!! It would make a fabulous skirt!!


    • It’s crazy, but I’m realizing that for some reason I tend to wear nothing but gray, navy, and mustard in the cold months, and then I go all out with color for summer dresses! I think every sweater I own is in a neutral or gray color! I also tend to reserve bright colors for party dresses, since at work I dress like a tomboy and don’t like to draw much attention to myself with my clothes. Weird, right?

      I was REALLY hoping you’d like your package! It’s so, so fun to choose things for you, but also a teensy bit nerve-wracking! I really wanted you to like it!


      • I adore it! I’ve just blogged my Christmas gifts 🙂
        So thoughtful and everything I could possibly need! Wow.
        I know what you mean about work clothes. I tend to wear all black and dresses. I’m gettinb better, it’s bizarre if you wear colours people love it. I think they want to be the person that wears colours but doesn’t have the courage. I take it slow some days – a scarf, a jacket, a necklace – don’t want to mirror to crack in shock!


  2. I love checking all the links 🙂 I’d love to hear your review of the Vogue book. Hubby got me a dress form for Christmas, and I got myself a rotary cutter and mat. Yes, the gifts are pretty fun 😉 Happy Sewing!


  3. What a wonderful wonderful bundle of loveliness! And I am just a teeny bit green eyed over the bird fabric… I know what you mean about shopping for someone else, you desperately want them to like it but there’s that slight sense of jeopardy in case they don’t! I can’t wait to see what you got Lizzy…


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