2013 Thoughts/Goals

Happy 2013, everybody!  This post comes a tiny bit late, DEFINITELY NOT because the 2nd season of Portlandia is now on Netflix instant and I’ve been watching it in every spare minute.  Definitely not.

Doug wants to wish you a Happy New Year! He’s very excited about 2013.

So, in thinking over my goals for 2013, I took a peek back at my goals for 2012, and I got about halfway through the list in 2012.  Most of the things that I didn’t get to I just lost interest in when shinier projects came along (or I realized that they didn’t really suit me after all).  So I’m trying to be thoughtful with my 2013 goals and only aim for things that I really want or need to do.

1.) Organize my sewing space! Oh, man, my sewing area is AWFUL. I have fabric, patterns, and assorted bags of stuff piled up everywhere. My cutting table is a rickety card table, which isn’t the best, and it’s piled high with unfinished or queued-up projects. When we moved to this apartment, we had to downsize, so I sold my kitchen table set. Unfortunately, my sewing chair was part of that set, so I’ve been using a $5 folding camp chair since June, and it’s way too low and really uncomfortable. I’m pondering a pretty serious overhaul of the space, but the whole project is pretty overwhelming. But I spend so much time in my sewing space that I really think I’ll feel more creative, organized, and sane when things are tidier.

2.) Sew pants! This overlaps with my fall/winter sewing plans, which is fine by me. I live in pants day-to-day, so it’s kinda crazy that I haven’t made them before. I had a harrowing experience trying (and failing) to fit the Iris shorts, so I’m a little nervous, but it will be worth it to have a new pair of pants (or two) in my rotation.

3.) Sew a jacket! Here’s another overlap from my fall/winter plans, but I’m really looking forward to expanding my skill set and making something that I can wear every day!

4.) Identify and make pieces that I’ll reach for over and over again. You know those special garments that you just love to death? Maybe it’s a pair of boyfriend trousers that you’ve worn so many times that they’re soft and buttery. Maybe it’s a graphic tee that fits *just* right. I want to make a few wardrobe all-stars this year!

5.) Avoid overcommitment! I want to be smarter about what I commit to and when I commit to it, (for example, not taking on a massive tailoring project when it’s a busy season at work). I’m a “yes” person, and I get so excited about everything, but I don’t want to participate in sewalongs or make fun patterns that I won’t actually wear just to be part of a group.  I also don’t want to burn out, so I’m trying to be smarter about what I say yes to this year.

6.) Make a sloper! This project sounds scary to me, too, but I love the idea of being able to make small changes to a perfect-fitting base pattern. I’m planning to use Maddie’s updated tutorial. I may have to force myself to do this because it’s a lot of measuring, precision, and math (yuck!).

7.) Sew from my stash! Boring, but necessary. This isn’t a horrible chore, since I basically love everything in my stash, but I’m trying to prioritize projects from my stash when I’m not sewing for the Mood Sewing Network. Plus I have so many fun patterns that I haven’t used!

So what about you guys?  What are your 2013 goals?  Also, I’m really curious to know what your wardrobe all-stars are!  What garments do you love to death and wear over and over again?

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  2. I think many of my goals overlap with yours. I want to sew pants, and more jackets. They take much more time than sewing a skirt or dress though! i am in a serious need of clearing my stash too. It’s just getting bigger and bigger. I can’t find what I need, and it’s so frustrating!


    • I hear you! It’s so overwhelming to have too much stuff hanging around! Yuck! I’m always tempted to sew dresses– they’re fast and so fun. But jackets and pants are what I really like to wear, so I should make more of those!


  3. Did you copy off my goal list???? I found your blog through
    My list includes:
    * Sew pants: I have lived in jeans and am tired of it. It’s hard for me to find trousers. I finally made my first pant sloper a month ago and sewed a jumpsuit!
    * Sew a jacket: Trying to make the sloper for this!
    * Make fun staples – blouses, trousers, etc
    * Shop my stash: I have a LOT of fabric and it’s time to whittle down
    * Sew it before I buy it.
    * PUSH myself on technique. Learn something new every other week at least and use it


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