I See Maddie’s Underpants + Sew Grateful Week Giveaway Winner!

Dudes.  I’m pretty sure you’ve already found her blog, but if not, get thee hence to Madalynne!  She’s released a brand-new, FREE, adorable pattern for undies that I’m dying to try out (arrgh, couldn’t find the right elastic in my stash to make them this weekend!)!

Are these not the cutest EVER?

Next item of news: I know you’re anxiously awaiting it, but the winner of my Sew Grateful Week giveaway is…

Amy of Almond Rock!

Hmmm, I’m loving the sound of a royal blue Anise!  Happy sewing, girl!

What are you guys up to this week?  Sewing outerwear?  Underwear?  Something in between?  C’mon, dish!

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  1. i am also wanting to try maddies undies! but it’ll have to wait a little, as i am off to edinburgh for work. and i have to sort out buttonhole-issues on my almost-finished sencha. hopefully some interfacing will do the trick! i guess i’ll just scheme for the sew for victory and for julias mad men challenge…


  2. So tempting to drop what I’m doing and make underoos! I’m in the middle of drafting and altering and all kinds of pattern and fabric prep, so I feel like I “sewed” all weekend but have nothing finished to show for it. And I’ve got a horde of half-knit projects, too. So, the goal of the week is to actually finish something… anything!!! LOL


    • I hear ya! I hate the feeling of working and working but not having anything DONE. I’m trying to stick to one project at a time these days so I can finish stuff faster (against my natural inclinations to have multiple things going at once).


  3. Cute undies! I’m not sewing anything at the moment – I’ve slipped back into my ‘I’m busy so don’t have time to sew’ mindset, which I know is not true because I proved it to myself when I broke my last project down into manageable chunks. I have been opting for knitting instead, because it doesn’t involve leaving the couch and am currently working on a Daybreak shawl and swatching for my Stasis Pullover by Leila Raabe (I finally got my hands on some Brooklyn Tweed Loft and it’s as delightful as I’d hoped :-))


    • Ooh! The Stasis pullover is gorgeous! I’ve never used BT Loft (or Shelter, for that matter), but I’m sorely tempted! I’m taking a break from sewing projects tonight and doing a bit of knitting myself, but nothing major– just some Toasty mitts in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.


  4. Congratulations Amy! 🙂

    I’ve somehow ended up working on three projects at once – finishing off my Sew Grateful project (late, oops!), finishing off a dress, and working on a quilt. Oh, and finishing off a shirt dress that only needs buttons and buttonholes. Hmmm…. must finish a few things before I start another project!


  5. These are too cute. I follow Maddie on Facebook, and her creativity makes me so happy. As for what I’m up to, I just finished a skirt in honor of Mardi Gras, and am catching up on some blogs. Perhaps I will conquer my Anise this weekend. 🙂


  6. Cute knicker pattern!! Thanks for sharing :o)
    This week I am trying to figure out which to make first for an early Spring wardrobe- a little Chanel style wool boucle jacket or a knee-length cotton trench?!
    Mmmmmm decisions! I swear I spend as much time THINKING about sewing as I do actually sewing! Hehe!


    • Oh, man, I probably spend four times the time thinking about sewing than I do actually sewing! I always catch myself daydreaming at work about sewing– so lame!

      But a trenchcoat sounds HOT!


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