Colette Laurel, Or the Jurassic Park Twinsies Geeky Awesomeness Dress!

Hold onto your butts!  OK.  I really, really, REALLY like this dress.  I’m just going to say that right now.  I know that it’s ridiculous, but I still really like it.

A little backstory: like many people my age, I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Jurassic Park.  So when I spotted a set of JP sheets on eBay a while back, I snapped them up for a song.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, so they hung out in my stash for a year or so.  Fast forward to this spring when I did a massive stash cleanout and decided I didn’t really need two whole sheets.  I brought one to our meetup/swap with Lauren, and Devra suggested that we send it to Cindy (genius suggestion!), a fellow dinosaur enthusiast.  Cindy, also a genius, emailed me recently, suggesting that we make projects at the same time and reveal them on the same day (remember how much fun it was to see Andrea‘s S.O.S. Challenge?).  Great idea, huh?

I decided to use the Colette Laurel dress pattern for this, and it really worked out well!  It’s the perfect pattern for a large-scale print, since there aren’t many seams to break up the print.  I squeezed two WHOLE brachiosaurs onto the dress!  TWO!  Major accomplishment, people!

Brachiosaur! His head is comically undersized!

The pattern is a straightforward, quick make.  I made two muslins for it because I had the weird armhole pulling issue thing that a few other people mentioned.  I filled in the armscye (as described in this Flickr photo), narrowed the shoulders a bit, and lowered the bust darts about 1/2″.  I also added 2″ to the length, and I omitted the zipper, cutting the back on the fold, as I can *just* wriggle into it without a zip.  I decided to leave this version sleeveless for some reason– it just feels like a happy summer dress to me.  I lined it with white cotton batiste from my stash and used packaged bias tape from my stash to finish the neck and armholes, so the whole shebang is a pretty giant stash-bust for me!

Look at all my patient little hand stitches!

I love this style!  It’s so sassy and youthful!  Unfortunately, Man Friend is not a fan, as he offered his usual critique of anything not terribly fitted (“Needs a belt”), and he doesn’t want to go out in public with me in this dress.  I guess I will just go have amazing adventures by myself in this dress, then I’ll just photoshop Cindy into all my pictures so we can have tons of fun together in our matching dresses, thousands of miles apart!

Also.  It says “Danger!” on my dress.  Like fifty times.  Win!

I’m a mighty T-Rex! Fear me!

Who else is working on a Laurel dress?  Anyone else have a thing for a younger Jeff Goldblum?  A friend of mine wants to know…

Alright, guys, now go check out Cindy’s dress here!

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  1. Eeeep, love this and love JP…we’re the same age(ish) after all! I’m sorry to say this, but Man Friend (like most man friends) doesn’t have a clue ;o) This dress rocks and I’m so impressed you got TWO whole dinosaurs in there too!


  2. Lol, D and I were just talking about Jurassic Park the other day, and how we both liked Jeff Goldblum in it because he was so sarcastic and funny. The movie definitely makes me think more of my brother, though, as it coincided nicely with his completely obsessed with dinosaurs phase.

    It’s a really fun dress! And such a fun idea, to have a sewing twin on the other side of the country!


  3. This is my absolute favorite dress of all the projects you have made. I love it! Thank you for inspiring me 🙂 More people should wear dino-print… florals are so passe LOL


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  5. Jurassic Park! Man, I had dinosaur sheets when I was kid but I just can’t seem to find them larger than twin size. (Probably sheet manufacturers are trying to tell me something? haha.) Your dress is amazing! (BOTH are amazing!)

    So even though your dress is NO JOKE, here’s a terrible one anyway:
    what do you call a blind dinosaur? A Do-you-think-he-saurus!


    • Twin sheets still have a lot of fabric, perfect for something like a shift dress that doesn’t have a super full skirt!

      What do you call a blind dinosaur’s dog? Teeheehee!


  6. Love the dinosaurs! I’m totally having flashbacks of being a kid and my mom taking me to the Pacific Science Center so I could draw the dinosaurs. Which was a default when it was raining in Seattle so we went a lot & I loved it! I’m not sure where/how often I’d wear a dress like this but things we sew don’t have to be practical, right? And clearly man friend is simply heeding the warnings on the dress. It does say danger & keep out.


  7. Bwahahaha!! Yes to this dress AND Jeff Goldblum! I can just imagine the crazy adventures you’d get into in this dress by yourself (or not by yourself, seeing as you will be accompanied by the spirit of Cindy, and, like, 50 dinosaurs adorning your trunk…) Go get ’em!


  8. Gasp—- LOVE! And your T-rex face looks like a face from Calvin and Hobbes. (That’s a compliment!)

    I had so much fun doing the S.O.S. Challenge, and I am so excited to see yours!


  9. Oh my goodness…so frickin awesome! Man Friend knows nothing ;P (nor do any of our boys, it seems, with their nonsensical talk of belts). And that last photo – love it :’D


  10. That is AWESOME. I bow down to your fabulousness and love that you will happily wear dinos. This makes me want to bust out my zoo animal print skirt from 2 years ago that I never hemmed and finish it, in honor of you! 😀


  11. The dress is adorable. I would gladly be walking around with you wearing that dress. But we would have to rawr at people too.

    Man Friend’s can be so silly at times


  12. That is indeed something to brag about, 2 entire brachiosaurs! You really should wear it to any nat. history museum with dinosaur bones and have a photo shoot there!


  13. Haha! I think that is a typical guy response to this style. I bought a vintage shift dress and got “You look like a square.” Anyways, I’m pretty sure we all think its awesome, so wear it with pride!


  14. Okay, this is pretty much the cutest dinosaur dress I’ve ever seen! No terrorising the humans while out on adventures though, okay? 🙂


  15. Your geeked-out giddiness is infectious!! I love the sheer bliss of this post. Sorry about man-friend’s reaction, but you KNOW you can proudly wear this puppy to meetups and be duly squeed at. Cindy looks incredible in hers too!! Really incredible and whimsical dress!!!!


  16. Hahaha….you both are too funny, I love your dresses!! I showed them to my 5 year old little girl and you are seriously her hero now 🙂 She LOVES dinosaurs and now that she has seen a dinosaur dress it is like I have been holding out on her this whole time! She was like “Mom!! I didn’t know there was fabric with dinosaurs on it!! I want a dinosaur dress!!” So I am on the hunt for dinosaur fabric now 🙂


  17. Bahaha, amazing! Did you know it’s the 20th anniversary of Jurassic park? They are showing it in 3d at our local cinema to celebrate… you have to have planned this right?? 🙂


  18. OMG I am peeiing my pants over this dress!!!!! AWESOME! And the leopard one–watch out, I may have to steal it. The skirt you just posted today, LOVE–looks so crisp and “new England-y”, you know, posh…. Ok, I have to go look at more of your posts. I’ve been A-wall from the internet for a bit. x


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