Sewing for my Sis: Miette Skirt!

Hi, guys!  I’m so glad to report that I’ve finished the first garment for my sister’s back-to-work wardrobe!  It’s the Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons!

I’m a big fan of indie patterns, and I love to support new designers.  I felt bad because neither this skirt nor the Mathilde blouse is my style at all, but I wanted to be supportive of Tilly’s new endeavor.  Luckily my sister loved this pattern so I was able to try out one of these designs– yay!

This skirt comes together very quickly.  There are no zippers, buttonholes, or difficult techniques to slow you down.  It’s a perfect beginner’s pattern.  I spent more time turning the waistband and ties right-side out and pressing them than on the rest of the skirt in its entirety!  Unfortunately, most of the sewing on this skirt took place in the late evening after work when I was really tired, so I made a stupid mistake and lost momentum on the project.  I attached one of the waistband pieces to the wrong side, making one tie 30″ longer than the other!  Somehow I didn’t notice this until I had turned out the waistband, trimmed the seams, and topstitched the whole thing down.  I didn’t want to unpick the whole thing as I was afraid that it would fray like crazy, so I just chopped off extra length on the one side, folded down the edges, and topstitched it closed.  Then I folded the edges under on the extra piece, fit it around the short edge, and topstitched that down.  It’s not a flawless fix, but it’s functional and it got me out of my funk.

Action shot: look, no peep show! This is one well-designed wrap skirt!

The pattern instructions aren’t illustrated at all, but there are photos on the blog from Tilly’s sewalong demonstrating every step.  I can’t emphasize enough how easy this pattern is.  If you’re thinking about learning how to sew, and you want to try out a project that will pretty much guarantee your success, this is a good bet.

I used a red linen from my stash (hooray!), and I’m not sure how wise of a choice this was.  It’s drapey and nice, but I wonder if it’s not TOO drapey.  Somehow the skirt makes my butt look huge, and I don’t have a whole lot of junk in the trunk!  And the ties look a little droopy in linen, so maybe a fabric with a little bit more body might have looked a little nicer.  But overall, I’m pleased with this skirt and I really hope my sister likes it.  It’s really adjustable, so at least I know it should fit her.

Does this make my butt look big? Kidding. Kinda.

I’m so glad I finished something off this list!  Next I’m planning to whip up some quick tops to go with this skirt!

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    • Thanks, Alexandra! I’m still not sold on this for myself, but Marie’s at A Sewing Odyssey and Becca’s at Becca’s Creative Notions are making me want to try a floral print one!


  1. This is beautiful! It’s so sweet of you to sew some new clothes for your sister – she’s going to LOVE this skirt and will get so much wear out of it.


  2. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with big butts (I feel a song coming on:) ) but if your butt looks big then mine needs it’s own postcode. It’s a gorgeous skirt and while you may not think it’s your style I think it looks great on you.


    • Awwww, no, you’ve got a great figure! I think it’s the drapy fabric, though– it’s sorta “cupping” instead of skimming, so I’m getting a different silhouette than I’m used to!


  3. Wow, how lovely of you to make it for your sister. If she doesn’t like it I can have it right?? 😀 It gives it quite a different look with the drapey linen. It’s lovely! I’m looking for fabric so I can have one too! 🙂


  4. Oh I love your Miette! The colour is great and it fits perfectly so if your sister is the same size it’ll look fabulous on her! Also – there is no way your butt looks big in that!


  5. Love the skirt! And love that shade of red. 🙂 I bet your sister will love it, after all, how could one *not* love a red wrap-around skirt?!?! 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you make for her next! Such a great idea, making her a back-to-work wardrobe.


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