Second Blogiversary Giveaway Winner!

Guys!  I’m so excited that so many of you like the silk I’m giving away for my second blogiversary celebration!  I really wish I had enough to give some to each of you!

I really loved reading what you guys wanted to make with it– you all had such fun suggestions!  I got a little carried away and made a pie chart of the most popular pattern suggestions (well, every pattern mentioned by name more than once).  Here it is!

Mmmm… pie…

As you can see, the most popular pattern suggestion, by a large margin, is the Grainline Archer Button-Up Shirt!  There were 20 other patterns that were mentioned only once each, but that made for a pretty unwieldy and ugly pie chart, so I left ’em off.  Here’s how the votes split up by company:

Seriously, though, is all this talk of pie NOT making you hungry???

Y’all are a bunch of indie-lovin’ hipsters!  Only six of the thirty-six patterns mentioned by name were Big 4 (and that includes one Kwik Sew and a vintage Butterick)!  It warms me old heart to see these indie designers getting so much love from you guys (not there’s anything wrong with Big 4– I just really like indie designers)!

OK, that’s enough number crunching!  Let’s choose our winner, shall we?  It’s…

Which, when I took out duplicates and people who commented but didn’t want to enter, was…

Natalie of hungryhippie!  Do you know her blog?  If not, hop on over there!  It’s always packed full of amazing photos and her hilarious commentary about her life as an American expat living in the UK!  I feel obligated to warn you, though– I’m ALWAYS hungry after reading her blog.  True story!  That girl can BAKE!  Anyway, Natalie, hope you enjoy the fabric!

Guys, thanks a million for reading, commenting, and generally being awesome!  You guys are totes the best!

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