Scout Tee, Once Again

Hi, guys!  Hope you all had a lovely Canada Day and/or 4th of July, if you celebrate!  I spent the long weekend at home, hunched over the sewing machine (OK, OK, maybe I took some breaks for pug snuggles and movie watching).

Here’s one of the products of my weekend sewing.  It’s another Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee, photographed just in time for the Kollabora Scout Woven Tee Sew-Along deadline!  This wasn’t at the top of my to-sew list, but I love Kollabora (even though they’re basically evil because they bombard me with so much awesome inspiration each day that my to-make list is absurdly long!), I love Wanett (the head honcho of the sew-along), and I’m basically a Grainline addict, so I couldn’t help but join in on the sew-along fun!

I used a length of chambray that was left over from my first sewing project— a super stash-bust!  My plan was to use the sweet birdie fabric that Sew Busy Lizzy sent me for the Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap, but I wanted to try out some modifications on less precious fabric first.  I rounded the hem line a little bit and tried to give it a hi-lo hem, but it’s so slight that you can’t really tell (whoops!).  I also added a pocket (from Jen’s Tiny Pocket Tank pattern) since the chambray is pretty boring on its own.

This isn’t the most exciting top I’ve ever made, but it’s super wearable and will hopefully last a long time (since I French seamed the entire thing so it’s nice and tidy inside).  I’m hoping to make a few more versions of this top in the near future!

What are you guys sewing these days?  Anything exciting?  Who’s made the Scout Tee?  Wanna be my friend on Kollabora?

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  1. I’m head over heels about chambray, can’t get enough of the stuff. I entered the comp too, just for funs really.

    You’re hair looks super cute, you did good!!!! I’m dying for a change at the moment as well I’m thinking colour… exciting.


    • Chambray is so versatile and SUPER easy to sew with– I love it! I’m always on the lookout for chambray in unusual colorways.

      Can’t wait to see what you do with your hair! It’s so easy to get in a hair rut… and so fun to get out of it!


  2. Hey, you did it… you sewed something that’s every-day wearable to work… I remember you saying after MMM that you just didn’t wear the bright fun clothes that we’ve come to know you by on your blog.


    • Yep, this is definitely something I’ll wear to work a lot! I am trying to alternate silly projects with really wearable ones so that eventually maybe half my wardrobe (at least!) will be work-appropriate. 🙂


    • Yes, I’m guessing I’ll be wearing this tons! It might not have awesome dinosaurs on it… but I can wear it at work without getting mocked or judged, so that’s a plus, yeah?


  3. I think this has just taken the cake for my favourite make of yours. This kinda style really suits you, and so perfectly matched with jeans for the weekend. And, I’m loving your shorter hair! Looking great!


    • Thank you, Mel! That’s so very kind of you! Oddly enough, I’ve been enjoying making some more practical, wardrobe-gap-filling clothes lately (I have a few that still need to be photographed). I thought I would be bored making them, but I’ve really enjoyed choosing patterns and fabric for wardrobe workhorses!


  4. Love it!! Definitely a nice, laid back look. I’m a bit sad I won’t get my Scout done in time for the Kollabora excitement – but I’m still stoked to make it. It just always looks so practical and wearable! And I love what you did to your hairs!


  5. You’re so cute and so is your Scout!! I love the hemline!!! Scout is so easy, and satisfying(!!!!), to modify!

    And let me also chime in on how SUPER CUTE YOUR HAIR IS!!

    Also, thanks for the love, DUDE! Muah!


    • I was STOKED that you hosted the sewalong– thanks so much! Everything you make is so inspiring– I’m glad all the Kollabora users got to catch a glimpse of your awesomeness!


  6. the wearable makes are the ones i always love the most. this scout looks like it can go with just about anything in your closet and i love the little pocket addition. oh, and nice hair cut!


  7. I’m so mad that this shirt will never look at cute on me as it looks on you. Oh well! It’s basically perfect, looks so comfy and cool.

    Also: YOUR HAIR!!!!! OMGGGG I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! It looks SO good, dude!!!


    • Oh, please– you could probably wear a garbage bag and have it look awesome! 😉

      Thanks, girl– I really needed a change! I feel kinda bald, and I’m not sure how to style my hair, but my head feels so light and free!


  8. GINGER, OMG YOUR HAIR. LOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now I bummed that appointment is not until the in of Aug, but at least it’s before I land on the west coast. Your hair is too cute, you know this right?

    The shirt is a cute fit on you and the fabric is dreamy. Where does one get this chambray fabric?


    • Thanks, girl, you’re too sweet! I’m excited to see what you do with your hair!

      I got the chambray from P&S Fabrics here in the city a couple of years ago. It’s a discount store, so it’s probably not the greatest quality, but hopefully it will last for a long time!


  9. I agree with pretty much everybody whose already thrown in their two cents – cute top and cute hair! I love chambray for your scout. It feels so unexpected as a t-shirt to me.


  10. I’m slow to get through my blogroll these days, but YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE! And I really love the versatility of your top-seems like you could wear it with so much!


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